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Busy Store Of Schairer & Millen

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Letting Down Prices In Every Department to Reduce Stock and Clear Out All Summer Goods. Read this List at 5 Cents. 20 pieces White India Linen, and Plaid Muslin at Kp a yard 100 pieces Ligbt and Dark 6c and 7c Prints all at KJkj a yard 50 pieces 10c Dress Ginghams, a great bargain at Rn a yard Seamless Stockinet Dress Shields sellingout at KJj a pair Ypsilanti Dress Stays selling out at Kp a set 50 pieces Stevens Linen Toweling selling out at -J a yard One case Soft Finish ï ard Wide Bleaehed Cotton at PÑ a yard 3 bales Yard Wide 6c and 7c sheeting selling at -"-' a yard 50 pieces Wide Laces, worth 10c and 15c; sejling at K a yard 25 dozen Large Cotton Huck Towels selling at t-" each 10 pieces Good Bed Ticking, worth 10c, selling out at. . . P- a yard 50 pieces Fine White Embroideries selling out at --"-' a yard 500 yards Wide Lawns and Batiste Muslins selling at. . . fp a yard 25 pieces Taft'eta Skirt Lining selling at - a yard 20 pieces Plaid, Stripe and Check Shirting selling out at Pv,- a yard 15 pieces Good Stiïpe Outiug Flannels selling out at. ... U a vard 50 dozen Ladies 10c Embroidered Handkerchiefs selling out at 5c each Keep This Great 33c List Before You. A Great Dress Goods Sale at 33c. 75 pieces Novelty Dress Gojds worth 50c, 60c and 6oc a yard, .hnglish Suitings, Checks, Plaids and Mixtures, Wide Black Serges and Henriettas, all go in this sale at 33c a yard. With this Dress Goods Sale we put in 25 pieces Black Wool Serges, Henriettas, and Figured Mohairs, worth up to 60c, all at 33c a yard. Wash Goods ! Read the Low Prices. One case White Bed Spreads, worth 75c, selling out at 49c each. 50 White Large Size Bed Spreads, the $1 quatity, selling out at 75c each 50 12-4 size Marseilles Bed Spreads, the $1.50 qualiy, selliug at 98c each 75 dozen large Linen Huck and Damask Towels, worth 19c, selilng at 50 dozei Linen Huck and Damask Towels, worth 16c, selling at 10c 25 pieces Fine Table Linens all marked down for this sale. August Prices on Cottons. 42 inch Fine Bleached Pillow Cotton at Sc a yard. 45 inch Fine Bleacued Pollow Cotton at 10c a yard. 9-4 Fine Unbleached Sheeting, a bargain at 14c a yard. 9-4 Fine Unbleached Sheeting, don't wait, at 16c a yard. 5 Pieces Best Quality Lonsdale Cambric at 10c a yard. One Case Fine Soft Yard-wide Bleached Cotton. at 5c a yard, One Case Fine Soft Bleached Cotton, better than Lonsdale, at 6c a yd. 10 Pieces Fancy Tickings, the 20c qaality, at me a yard. Wash Goods. Selling out 10 and 12+c Lawns and Dimities at 7c a yard. Selling a lot of fine Dimities at Sc a yard. Selling out a lot of 10c Ginghams at 5c a yard. Selling out 12c Fine Ginghams at Sc a yard. Selling out 15 pieces Duck Suitings at 8c a yard. 200 pieces Cotton Diaper, the 50c kind. at 39c a piece. 10 pieêes Figured Denim, new choiee patterns, at 20c a yaiü. 25 pieces Silkaline, a good thing for bed comfortables at 9c a yard. scMir1YYllen Hl. I


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