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The great aunnal celebratiou of the Germans of Washtenaw county will take place in Anu Arbor, nest Thursday. The committee has made great preparations for a fitting celebration of the day which cominemorates the flrst immigration of Germans to the shores of the New World. The first celebration of Gerruan-Americau Day was held Sept. 23, 1890, in tuis city aud was also the first celebratiou of its kind iu Michigan and was a grand success. It is the purpose of the committee to make this uelebration not only equal, but superior to it in the matter of general ámusements. The Ann Arbor city council has decided to turn out in a body to do honor to the day. The Germán societïes of Ypsilanti, Mauohester, Chelsea, Freedom, Saline and Dexter, and delegations froni the different townships in Washtenaw couuty as well as the differeut societies iu Ann Arbor will be present to take part in the exereises of the day. The program for the day is as follows : In the early forenoon, reception of the visitiug delegations; this will be followed by a grand parade, in whioh the 10 Germán societies of Aun Arbpr, as the hosts of the day, will form on Libeity st. aud ruaron to WashiDgton st. where they will halt ia open order while the visitiug societies march between their lines. The local societies will fall iu behind. The visiting societies from Saliup, Freedom, Manchester, and elsewhere ín the couuty will be formed in oue divisiou, those from Ypsilauti iu auother, and those t'rum Detroit and Jacksou, from which cities excursión trains are to be ruu. iu another. The business men of the city have arranged for 60 deoorated fioats and wagons for the parade, and the local societies have each a decorated wagon for the occasion. The parade is expected to be over a mile long, aud will march through the principal str?ets to the Relief aud Turuer parks, where dinuer will follow. In the afteruoou at 2 o'clock the "Festrede" will be delivered by Louis J. Lisemer, editor of the Hausfieuud-Post aud Washteuaw Evening Times; 4 p. ru., meeting of delegates to desígnate the place of meeting nest year. There will also be games, dauciug and other meaus of amusement. C. Georg is president of the day, L. J. Lisemer speaker of the day, aud Titus F. Hutzel marshal of the day. The officers aud committees having charge of the celebration are as follows: C. Martin, chairman ; T. F. Hutzel, vice-chairman; Geo. B. Schwab, secretary ; C. Schlouker, treasurer. Fiuance Committee - Chris. Gauss, Audrew Reule and Johu Lutz. Press aud Priutiüg - Christiau Schlenker, Adolph Schmid and Frederick Steeb. Decoratiou - Michael Gauss, William Weinier, John Armbruster, Gottlieb Wild, Cari Dietas and George Baur. Invitation aud Receptiou - Bugene üesterliu, Dr. C. Georg, Fred Gauüs. Geo. B. Schwab, Geo. Visel, William Kaeroher aud F. S. Gaekle. Musis and Dance - Juliau R. Trojauowski, Albert W. Sorg aud Ernest Jaeger. Refreshments - John Mayer, Wm. Feldheanser, Herman Armbruster, Martin Bruchlacher, G. Knapp, J. M. R3af, Rud. Kern, Albert W. Sorg aud William Schiller. Park aud Hall - Conrad Schneider, Mathias Fischer aud Wm. Schiller. Pólice- Titus F. Hutzel, Henry Otto aud John Artnbrnster.


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