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Old Soldiers' Picnic

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The eveut of last week for Salem was the veterans' picnic and reunión giveu ou Saturday last, at the residence of Mr. aud Mrs. Isaac S. Savery twoiniles west of Lapharn's corners. The day was excessively warm but was otberwise pleasanr until uear the close of the program. There were 42 veterans present with rnauy more civiliana. Mr. aud Mrs. Savery were iudefatigable in their eft'orts to serve their gnests aud were ably assisted by their immediate neighbors. It had been expected that .Tudge C. B. Graut, of the superue court, would be present and make the principal uddress of the occasion, but sickuess in his family preveuted his atteudance. An eft'ort was made to secure the atteudan.ce of Eider, late Capt. Allen, of Detroit, which was not successful. Two distinguished speakers ■were present, howe ver, aud occupied the time and attentiou of the compauy with eutire acceptability. The conspicnous hero of the occasion was Seargent Conrad fïoll, recently the recipiënt of a bronze rnedal from the United States for conrageons gallautry exhibited at the battle of Spottsylvania, on May 12, 18f4. Thongh Uucle Samuel or his servants have been tbirtytwo years iu getting to the recognition of this deed of bravery, they havo finally reached it aud the mauv friends of the sergeaut rejoice in his possessiou of his well deserved medal. He wears his honors modestly, avowiug that he did do more than auy of his oomrades would havo done had the same opportunity come to them. His fine remarks were listeued to with iuterest as well as his recitatiou of "The empty haversack, " Those haviug charge of the arrnugemeuts had secured music from Mi1, and Mrs. Lovelace aud Mr. and Mrs. Stanbro, and reoitatiou.s from the Misses Lois Rich aud Lena Packard and a reading by Mrs Haywood, which were saudwiched with the remarks of the veterans. This was the program: President Of the day, Comrade H. C. Packard. Music, "America," f uil chorus; prayer by Rev. W. H Beutnu ; music, Mr aud Mis. Lovelaoe; remarks by Comrade Savory and Sergeaut Noli ; recitatious, Miss Lois Rich and Miss Leun Packard ; remarks, Capt. W. K. Childs and Capt. H. P. Dauforth ; song, Wm. Staubro; reading, Mrs J. D. Haywood; remarks, Capt. G. W. Bullis and Capt. ,T. Q. A. Sessions; souu'. Mr. Lovelaoe ; remarks, Capt. B. G. Webster aud Lieut. G. S. Wheeler. About this time the reporter was called away and a shower which had kiudly refrained for some time to interfere with the proceediugs came down quite copiously. The veterans of Salem have au orgauization, knowu as the "Salem Veterans' Associatiou" which they propose shall have a , meeting similar to that of last Saturday, at least ouce anuually. Any uotice of this meeting would bequite incomplete that did not meution the elegant aud elabórate dinuer prepared by the Salem ladies, which was the subject of mucb complimeut by the visiting veteraus. Those familiar with the abilities of Salem housewives in tbat liue would have been surprised if the refreshments had been any less bouuteDus or appetizing. They never fail to do themselves proud along this liufi. The veterans present belonged to the jegimeuts named as follows: 2Oth Mich. Inf., 11; 5th Mich. Cav., 4; 8th Mich. lui, 2; öth Mich. Inf, 1; 9th Mich. Iuf., 1; 2nd Ohio Inf., 1; lith Mich. Cav., 2; lOOth Uliuois Iuf., 1; 24th Mich. Inf., 1; löth Mich. Inf., 1 ; 3d Cal. Cav., 1; Kith Mich. Inf., 1; lst Mich. Cav., 1; 4th Mich. Iuf.. 5; ?tb Mich. Iuf., 1; 3d Mich. Iuf,. 1 ; 7th Mich. Cav., 2; 2d N. H. Iuf. 1; 130th Obio Inf. 1; 7(th N. Y. Iuf., 1; Ulst Penu. Inf., 1. Ahogether it was an occasion of much eujoymeut by all present.