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Salem has been suffefing from an epidemie of mosquitoes. Stockbridge Suuday school scholars picnioed at Znkey lake last Saturday. The orop of apples in Webster this year is so large that the trees are breaking down under it. The union Sunday school picnic of the Salem churches was beid at Whitmore Lake yesterday. Mrs. Addie Mnrray is preparing to bnild a house on her lot west of the Baptist chucrh in Salem. Lunibard's orchestra, of Whitmore Lake, played at the Catholic picnic at Pinckney last Satnrday. J. E. Smitb, of Ypsilanti township, the breeder of fine wool sheep has eularged nis barn and built new sheep sheds, George J. Nissly, of Saline, shipped the first car of live poultry for the ssason from fiat place Thursday of last week. The Boston Mineral Water Co. recently sent Clark Gornwell a check for SI, 000 as paymnet for 200 barrels of ïpsilanti's high smelling product. Charles Senger has a singular pear tree. It blossoms twioe every yeai but this ycar it has fruit not only from the first bat from the second blossoms. The enrfew bell ordinance iu Grass Lake, . Jackson uounry, is operating very pnooesfully. As yet there have beeu uo arrests under its provisions. The Germau Wurkingmen's Society, of Chelsea, will take part in a body at the Germán American Day celebration in Add Arbor, Thursday nest. Aug. 27. Wheat around Whittaker is yielding four to 20 bushels per acre witb very little at the latter figure. Wheat in the stack has beeu very mnch damagec by rain. C. E. Lewis & Co , of Manchester shipped a carload of celery to New York parties last week. It was shippec in the rougb, which is becomiug a very popular plan. W. B. Osborn's wiudmill in Sharon was struck by lightning a few days ago. The fluid ran down the rod usec to throw the mili intogear and jumpec from that to the tank, breaking a hole in it, but did no other darnage. - Manchester Enterprise. M. E. Keeler, of Sharon, had two cows killed by lightning during the storm on Tuesday of last week. The large barn on Wm. Schnirring's farm in the uorth part of Bridgewater, was struck by lightning Aug. 10 and burned with its ooutents. The barn was insnred in the Southern Washtenaw Fire Iosurance Co. for $400. Samuel Young, of Ogden, Leuavee oonn.ty, reports a growth in a pumpkin on nis farm that rather takes the pie. lts had been astouishing Mr. Young, and so be measured the circuiufereuce, and 48 hours afterward measured it again, the growth in girth being exactly 1% iuches. - Adrián Bvening Telegram. During the progresa of the heavy storm last Satnday night (Aug. 8), the town had a olo?e cali to what, had it got nuder way would have been a disaatrous fire. A hook that snstains one of the large kerosene oil lamps in Davis Bros. & Co. 's store pulled out, letting the lighted lamp fall to the floor. Immediately the flames blazed up frotn the burning oil which was rapidly spreading over the floor. Water thrown upon them had no effect but finally they were extinguished by throwjng on flour. Had not some one had presence of mind to suggest -thip, nothing could have saved the entire blook from destruction. - Dexter Leader. Fnrt-her partioulars of the striking of Myron Pieroe 's barn, in Sharon, by the lightning, on Monday afternoon, Aug. 10, are given as follows in the Grass Lake News: "This afterrioon at about 3 o'clock lightning struok the large baru belongiug to Myron Pieroe and it buraed to the ground. It was reported to be insured. Mr. Pieroe, Addis Kimball and Mr. Slocum were in the barn at the time. They were lying by the door aud it struck the southwast coruer of the bara not 15 feet from them. They wero not shocked but it was a uarrow escape from death. All the couteuts were removed, but the hay and some lurnber. Pive horses were in the b.'irn bui thoy were taken out all right. A large crowd of neighbors were preseut aod assisfed in removing the uufput?. A barn that stood npar by was saved by hard work. Mr. Pierce"s sou James was nnt at home, he having been gcme severa! days. " The Dpxt meeting of the Webster I Farmers' Clpb will be held Sept. 19. Dau Bell, of Milán, has the contract ! forerecting the uew schoolhouse in that I village'. A now fraotional school district is talketl of f or the southwest part of Augusta tovvnship. The Scio Center Suuday school children picuioed at Delhi Friday and had a I joily good time. Miss Mattie Cheesemau, of Loudon, Mouroe couuty, will teach the union school at Belleville the corulng year. Dan Reeves, of Saline, lost a portion of one of his fingers by getting it in a gearing at the mili one day last week. Doe. Suyder, of Webster, bas erected a eider mili on his farin and will endeavor to do somethiug iu that line. The Epworth League of the Dexter M. E. church will give au ice creain social ou the churen lawn tomorrow evening. The union pionic of the Sunday schools of Fraucisco and neighborhood will be held at Cavauaugh Lake uext Thursday. Horace Logan, of Cone, was severely cat iu the face recently by the burstiug of au emery wheel in the sawmill iu that village. While boring for water on Johu Pidd's farm, in Dextei' township, a large veiu of salt veas sttuok 180 feet belovv the surface. Rev. Frauk Blomfield, pastor of the Congregational church, Dexter, has tendered his resignation to the board of trustees, to take effect Sept. 30th. At a political meeting held iu the Soio Center school house Satürday nighfc, the silver question was, of course, the principal subject of discussion. Night Watchmau Kane, of Ypsilanti, had a portion of his leg chewed off by a vicions dog the other evening while engaged in his duties as watohman. The members of the Saline Lutherau churoh, at a meeting held Sunday, Aug. 9, decided that they were a free and independent body and not connected with the synod. Geo. H. Foster & Sou, of Chelsea, are engaged in 'driving a uumber of wells to see if they can get a sufflciency of flowing water to snpply the waterworks of that village. The rain which feil in Ypsilauti Friday morning for 40 minutes, fiooded cellars and fllled the gntters to overflowing. Adam Schauer's cellar had two feet of water in it. Allen Bartlett, of Bridgewater, stepped on a wire nail, Sunday week last, driving it nearly through the ball of his foot. It has been very painful, but by giving it prompt attention he has esoaped serious consequences. Mrs. Alice Hitcheoek, of Milán, has received the appoiutmeut üf deputy great comiuander of the Ladies of the Maooabees of Michigan, with full authority to institute subordínate hives aud install offioers in Moaroe, Washtenaw, Livingston aud Oakland counties. A. S. Yost, of Dexter, is owner of a book entitled "The Christian's Journal," by Sanmel Heron, that is a euriosity in its way, as well as a valuable It was' printed in 1613, 283 years ago. The binding is morocoo, and the book is in an excellent state of preservation. The Saline Observer says: "For some time past farmers have been missing packages of groceries aud other pareels from their buggies and are now trying to make an investigation of the matter. Several boys have beeD suspacted, but evidence of their guilt is a little slow thus far. " In the replevin snit of Bownn vs. Simmons, of Salem, the property in dispute was ordered returned, and in the civil suit, same parties concerned, a judgment of 90 was granted in favor of Mr. Bowen. Mr. Simtuons vvill carry tbe matter to the circuit court - Plymouth Mail. A queer malady has struok the valuable Simmocolou colts at the Hamruoud stock farm, Ypsilanti. Two of the yonngsters went blind aud then died aud ten others are under the care of a veterinary. It is supposed that the ailment is caused by the recent severe heat and nutnerous rains which were too niuch for the little fellows. Will Wade, of Grand HaveD, sou of Mr. aud JJrs. Dauiel Wade, of Bridgewater, is at his pareuts' home recuperating af ter a severe aooident He is employed in the electric lighting deuartment iu that city aud was up on a pole repairing a wire wheu lightuiug struck the wire which was iu his hands and hurt him qnite badly He happened to have gloves on or it woulc prohably have killed him. The date fixed for the Macoabee pic uio is Aug. 25, and the program which is a loug one is neaily completed. No aains has been spared to make this the janner picnic of the order. The members will meet at the hall at 10 o'clock and headed by the Milan Band, speakers of the day, bicycle club and village conncil will march to Arbeiter Park 'or a day's pleasnre and recreation. The speakers of the day will be Hon. 3. S. Piugree, Miss Emiaa Bower, W. W. Wedemeyer, Hon. D. D. Aitken and ïev. J. N. Lewis. - Saline Observer. Two pilfering rascáis at Col. renn's barns Sunday, Aug. ö. When ie retuined home in the afternoon one of the fellows had a barness down on ;he barn floor aud seemed to be figuting on taking it apart, but upon the colonI's driving in, he dashed out aud dis-, appeared iu the corn field. Later anotber fellow was seen to enter the graiu jarn, but he also escaped in the corn. 'he colouel killed his dog recently beause it bad biiteu sheep, but he imuiediately went to Manohester aud proi'ured auothpr and is now prepared to ?;ve all sucb corners a warm reception. -Manchester Enterprise. The Peninsular paper milis, lanti, which have beeu shxit down for sume time wbile irnprovetnents were i beiug made, staited up again last week. A railroad siding of 700 feet conneetiug the milis with the M. C. R. R. track has been construoted wbich euables the oompauy to uuload coal direct intoHhe boiler house and to ship paper without the use of drays to couvey it to tbe freight depot. The sidiug was put in at au expense of about $3,000. The machine room has aJso been improved so that the company is now making a better grade of paper than ever before. The iiuprovements cost íí3,000. Thousands of people are subject to bowel trouble in sonie of its varióos forrus. Dr. Fowler's Ext. of Wild Strawberry is au uufailiug reuiedy in all such cases.


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