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Real Estate Transfers

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Newrnan GraDger to Asher C, Taylor, Manchester, $25. Asher C. Taylor and wife to Frederick Aichele, Manchester, $25. W. H. Bessao and wife to Mynder Mathers, Manchester, $10. Mynder H. Matbers and wife to Ada Aichele, Manchester, $30. Christina Duncan et al. to Chas. W. Sanford, Manchester, $50. B. A. Finney and wife to Clorinda M. Carrel, Ann Arbcr, $1. Clorinda M. Carrel to B. A. Finney and wife, Ann Arbor, $1. Francés E. Waliace to Jacob L. Wallace, Ypsilanti. Jacob Wallace and wife to Eiizabeth Gates, Ynsilanti, $850. Rose Morrison to Alexander Moirisou, Ann Arbor, $]., John O. Sohmid to Herbert M. Slauson, Ann Arbor, 2,700. Joseph T. Shaw and wife to John Howard and wife, land contract. Charles H. Leonard and wife to Mary Leonard, Northñ'eld, SI. ví, Michael J. Noyes and wife to Sarah E. Congdon, Chelsea, $200. Michael J. Lehman and wife to Sarah E. Congdon, Chelsea, $267. George H. Shaw, by administrator, to Vadah L. Shaw, York, f 900. Vadah L. Shaw to Almira Z Shaw, York, 900. John R. Miner to Arthur BrowD, Ann Arbor, $600. Chas. L. Puttand wife to Erhhard T. Alber and wife, Ann Arbor, $1,400. J. F. Wolf and wife to R. E. Christmaun, Ann Arhor, $1,000. Edward A. Ward to Julia A. Ward. Sylvan, $1. Wru. Walker, by circuit court cornmissioner, to Esther W. Pike, Anu Arbor, $750. Jnlius Feldkarap aud wife to Daniel I. Kline, Saline, f30. Charles Harris to Joseph Bird, Augusta, f535. Henry R. Scovill and wife to Mary J. James, Ypsilanti, 500. Bernard Coraiskey et al. to .Tacob and Thomas Rausohenberger, Ncrthfleld, s). Oatherine Comiskey to Janob and Thomas Rauschenberger, Northfield, $]?■