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Will Not Perform Miracles

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But It Will Cure. DR. MILES' RESTORATIVE NERVINE cures nervous prostratiou. Notmiraculously, but scientifically, by first removing the germs of disease, and then supplying healthy nerve iood, increasing the appetite, helping digestión and strengthening the entire system. Desperate cases require prolonged treatment as shown by that of Mrs. M. B. Reed, of Delta, Iowa, who writes : "As the result of a lightning stroke, the physicians said I had a light stroke of paralysis, my limbs would all draw up. I T)r MÜÊS' would have throbbings xji , xnvo in my chest that seemed NCrVlüÊ unendurable. Porthree PActnt-AC months I could not sleep XvCMUICa andforthree weeks did TToifV not close my eyes. I nCd.1111 prayed for sleep, and feit that if relief did not come I would be dead or insane. I took Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine and the second night slept two hours and f rom that time on my health improved; slowly at first, but steadily and surely. I took in all 40 bottles, and I cannot express how grateful I am, for I am now perfectly -well, and have taken no medicine for over four months." Dr. Miles' Nervine is sold by druggists on guarantee that first bottle benefits or money ref unded. Book on heart and nervesfree. Dr. Miles Meüiual Cq., Ëlkbait,


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