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Was Long Drawn Out

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Tbe eleventh district republican convention at Reed City last week to nominate a congressional candidate was probably tbe longest drawn out of any like oonvention ever held in this state. It was only after the 362d ballot that the deadlock was broken aud W. S. Mesick, of Antrim county, was noniinated. The final ballot stood : Mesick 35, Dodds 25, Bates I, Palmer 2. Mesick's nomination is attribnted to the generalship of J. H Milliken, of Traverse City, who changed the form of vote-getting by offering the following resolntion : "Resolved, that tne metbod of balloting be changed as follows: Each individual del├ęgate shall cast his individual ballot by depositing the same on the secretary's table on the cali of the counties. " No one opposed the scheme, and it carried. The conveution then took a recess of -20 minutes to gather in the delegates and arrive at an understanding. There had been 44 ballots during the day without change before this resolution was adopted. Ten more ballots showed no material change. During the supper adjournment Dodds and Cornstockcornbined, and the next ballot stood : Avery, 12; Leet, 14; Dodds, 23; Bates, 5; Mesick, ?; Palmer, 2. Then the fan started, and adjournment after adjournment was ordered until Avery and Leet uuited and threw their delegates to Mesick.


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