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Senses Of Smell And Taste In Fishes

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The senes of smell and taste appear to be well developed in the great majority of the fish species. Tobacco thrown over board f rom vessels is of ten seized by mackerel and halibut, but is imroediately rejected. Nearly all varieties of fish, and more especially the "ground swiiarners, ' ' have a choice of f ood. Halibut and cod are uttracted a great distance by certain kinds of bait. Herring, when fresh aud in good condition, are splendid bait for cod, but are of no use whatever if they have become stale frorn long keeping. Catfish, buffalo and one or two varieties of the bass will bite bacon when they will pay uo attention whatever to the luscious angleworm. Th8 above and other facts which could easily be cited in proof have caused fishermen and scientists to come to the conclusiĆ³n that the senses of smell and taste are both remarkably developed among the finny


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