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Yachts In Collision

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Loxdox, Aug. 18.- The Royal Albert Yacht club regatta was concinuod at South sea Tu sdav over the forty-six mile course sailed Monday. While the races were iu progress the Meteor came into collision withthe tweuty-rater Isolde, disinantling her and throwing the crew into the sea. All of the boats stopped immediately and begau the rescue of the Isolde's crew, which was accomplished. The races were theu abandoned. The accideut happened just at the beginning of second round of the big race. Baron Zedwitz, the owner of the Isolde, who was on board his yaeht, was struck in the hond and face by sorne of the fragments of the inasts and other parts of the boats, which the colusión sent flying in every direction. Death of the Baron. Baron von Zedwitz died shortly after being removed to the hospital. Baron von Zedwitz was Germán privy councilor and a member of both the reichstag and the Prussian diet. He has been in parliament for about twenty-five years, was a leading authority on finance in politics and was a leader of the Free .Conservativa party. Although comparatively a young man he was unauimously recommended in 189U by the state cabinet for the then vacant post of minister of finance, but was not appointed because the emperor had taken a faney to Dr. Miquel. How the Accident Occurred. Particulars of the disaster show that, in passing the committee boat the big yachts overtook the twenty-raters. Britannia and .Yieteor were then almost abreast of Isolde and mirrowly escaped a collision. Brittania suddenly shifted her helm to avoid the Saint, when Meteor struck Isolde, sweeping her from stem to stern with her bowsprit. Isolde's main mast and sails crashed overboard and carried with them nearly al! the crew of Isolde and crushing Baron von Zedwitz. Britannia and Jleteor immediately hove to and lowered their boats for the assistance of the men strugglïng in the water. Ailsa and several other yachts followed their example.


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