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Want Bread, Not Rifles

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Retimo, Crete, Axig. 18. - Mr. Beckford Siuith. who has come out as an agent for the English and Americans who subscribed to the Cretan fund, has passed here on his wáy to Candía. He says he has L700 to begin upon and more to come, Money is nceded with an urgency that few who have not seen tho misery can realize. People are spending much money in sending rifles and ammunition to the people herc. What the people want is bread, not rifles. There are three cities of importance in Creto- Canea, Candia and Retimo. The military governors of all thres have been asked what they had to say in reply to the aocusation of the Christians that the Turkish soldiers are unreliable and given to pillaging, and all deny the ajlegatipn in tota Oñe of the consuls, not of this place, who has had great experience, says: "The whole trouble is that Europe is paying too much attention to the Cretans. The Cretan by nature loves dramatic situations. He loves to cherish the idea that the Turk is about to attack him and that he is in perpetual danger. He delights in making a great show of barricading his house and having many guns hanging about. He reveis in sittiug in a cafe and orating upon the fearful risks he is running and the magniöcent defense he made when the Turks were seeking to murder every Christian. He watches to see if a correspondent calis upon the Turkish deputy and if so he is furious." Aecording to many persons a large responsibility lies with the consuls, who are accused of overzealous actions and enoouraging both sides to pers'st in iheir present attitude. In the opiniou of these persons tho solutiou of tho Cretan question lies in the withdrawul of all the consalí They predict that the effect would be h'sKiutaneous. The iusurgents, accord. tii the 7-overnor of this city, havegone ■ iif t.v.vani Candia, with what purpose he l" uuo; sttv.


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