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Cooking, Sewing, Etc., In Our Schools

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Editor Argus : - We are getticg behind. Other towns are putting iu physical oulture iu all the grades; other towns are inaugurating manual training, iuoluding cooking and sewing. What is the reason that ve are hehind? Iu SagiDaw for years Germán has been taught orally in all the grades. 'Why are not our children taught to speak Germán from the 5th or 6th grade up as per recommendation of the "Committee of teu?" There are Germans all around us; my children can hear it and practice it daily, and attend a Germán Sunday school too. Why not move forward? The school board is all ready, and it will oost so little for two yeais that the taxpayers will not know it. Let the superintendent get a hustle on and begin Sept. 1, with all this inaugerated. It can be done. "Where there is a will there is a v.'ay" is as true as it is trite. And the children will not be overtaxed but relieved and flo all of their other work better in consequence, and Aun Arbor will get a big free advertisement in all the newspapers and educational journals, and the high school will have 200 more pupils iu two years. We havewaited long enough for this advance. Aun Arbor, Aug. 19, 1896.


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