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Was A Huge Success

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Germau-Aiiierican Day was celebrated iu Ann Arbor yesterday aud a brighter, faiier, more perfect day for a celebration could not have been desired. Before i) o'clook, the city was thiouged %vith crowds of people iuteut on enjoying to the fullest tbe pleasures incident to the occasion. The decorations were profuse, sorne of the business houses seeming to have put forth extra paius to rnake them look attractive. The American aud Germán flags and bright oolored buntiug, together with the green branches of shade trees lining the streets forined the principal decoratious. Across S. Maiu st. at its intersection with Huron and Washingtiou sts. were stretched two very pretty banners with the American colors on shields aud drapery of Amerioau flags aud the Germau wurd "Willkommen." At many of the stores were banners stretched across the sidewalk beariDg mottoes with various words of welcome to the crowds of peoyle who were heie. A conservative estímate places the number at 5,000 people, and they with the townspeople who viewed the rnainmotb parade must have ruadeTtbe number of people on the streets fully 10,000. It was a fine demonstratiou commemorative of the landiug of the flrst Germau immigrauts in America and oue that the Germán societies of Aun Arbor can be justly proud of. The parade, whicn was 28 minutes passiug a giveu poiut was, the best that has ever been giveu in Aun Arbor, was in charge of Titus F. Hutel, marshal of the day, aud he was ably asisted by A. C. Schnmacher, Chas. H. Kliue, Herman Hardiughaus, Wm. Snyfried, George Schaible, Samuel Henne, Charles Robb and Julián E. Trojauowski, assistaut marshals. The processiou was formed in the following order and cointneuced moving at 11 o'clock: The flrst división was formed of the city pólice mounted on horses : Beckers Light Infautry Band ; Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor military compauies; Ann Arbor Rifles float, representing the Goddess of Liberty. These were followed by backs coutaiuiug L.'J. Lisemer, speaker of the day, C. E. Hisoock, president of the coancil, Dr. C. Georg, president of the day ; H. Daucer, Cbaimian C. Martin, Treasurer C. Schlenker, Secretary Geo. B. Schwab; county offioers; common council aud j city officers; fire departmeut. The second división comprised the Ypsilauti Baud, Ypsilauti societies, Schiller Lodge, No. 43, Jacksou, representatives from Manchester, Chelsea and Dester townships. The third división was as follows: Saline Baud; Saline societies; business men ; dtcorated wagons. The fonrth divisiou cousisted of Otto'sBand; Cautou Aun Arbor, No. 30, I. O. O. F. ; Lyra Gesang Verein ; Arbeiter Unterstuetzuuss Verein: Turuer Verein ; Schuetzeu Bund ; A. O. U. W, Lodge; Geriaania Lodge, D. O. H. ; Schwaebiscben ÜDt. Verein ; Landwehr Uut. Vereiu ; Phoeuix Gesaug Vereiu. The floats aud -vagous were handsomely deoorated aud very appropriate to the orders aud business they represented. Amoug the best was that of Ann Arbor Lodge, No. á?, A. O. U. W. The first figure in the fioat was a young lady with her haud restiug ou a shield emblazoued in the Aiuerioau coiors representiug Protectiou, the secoud was another young lady in a boat with her hand testing ou au anchor representing Hope, the third figure vas a youug lady distiibuting fruit and bread to a uumber of children representing Charity, thus foriuing the mottos of the order "Protection Hope and Charity." The body of flion wbo perhaps attraoted the most attentiou was the Lyra Gesangvereiu. They wore old fashioned flat topped Derby hats, which bad laid in the upper story of one of the clothing stores fur several years and were deoidedly back numbera, aud carried yellovv and blue uinbrellas. They presented a very strikiug appearanoe. The line of maren was: East on Washington to Divisiou, south on División to Madison, east on Madison to State, north ou State to Hurou, west ou Huron to Fourth ave., arouud the court house square, soutb on Main to Liberty, west ou Liberty to Fifth, soutb on Fifth to Relief Park, ' where the processiou disbauded and everybody adjourned for dinuer. The exercises iu the afternoon at the park begau shortly after 3 o'clock, the followiug program being reudered: 1. üveitnre by H. Otto's Band. 3. Address of welcoiue, oy Acting Mayor Charles E. Hiscook. ö. Song, "Das Deutsche Lied," by the Lyra Singiug Society. ■i. Original peora, by Herman H. Dancer. 5. Oration, by Louis J. Lisemer. 6. Soug, "Das Haideu Roselin," by the Harugari Siuging Society. 7. Presideut's-addiess, Dr. Conrad Georg. 8. Soug, "Bravo Brueder, so ist's reoht," by the Phoeuix Siugiug Society. í. Soug, "Brueder reicht die Hand znm Bunde, " by the varions siuging societies and audieuce. Prof. R. H. Kenipf, director.


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