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A. M. E. Church Conference

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The anuual session ot the Michigan conference of the African M. E. cburch begau in the Bethel A. M. E. cburch, Aun Arbor, Wednesday moraiug. Bishop P. Arnett, Dr. C. S. Smith. of NashvHle; Dr. H. B. Parks, of Pniiadelphia, and Dr. Andersou, of Toledo, are some of the geLeral oiticers oL the churcb iu America, who are here. A reception was held at the oharoli Tuesday eveuing, whicb was attended by 100 or rnore people. There was a bauqnet with speeches later in the eveuing. M. W. Gny acted as toastmaster, and respousss were made by Bishop Aruett, .1. V. Brown, Furt Wayue, Isaac MilIer, Rev. J. D. Barksdala, Vpsilanti, aud others. Business sessions of the conference began Weduesday ïnoruing and after the usual preliiniuaries the Bishop made the following appoiotineuts : Rev. J. D. Barksdale, of Ypsilanti, secretary ; Rev. M. P Uole, of Niles. marshal; Rev. Vm. Collins, of Aun Arbor, postmaster. Several visitors from othfir conferences were iutroduced. The balance of the foreuoon aud afteruoon was devoted to the exai-jiuatiou for orders aud like routine business. Weduesday night Rev. J. S. Mastersou, of Battle Creek, delivered the auuual sermón. Tbe meeting coutiuues all this week aud through Suuday.


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