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Rev. C. M. Cobern's Farewell

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Sunday was a day that will live loug in tbe memories of the cougregation of the First M. E. churoh, Anu Arbor, ou aocount of the affeoting scènes that were wituessed tbere, it being the last day of Dr. Camden M. Cobein's five years' ïninistration as its pastor. It süowed in a marked degree the place that Dr. Cobern has won for himself not ouly in the hearts of the members of his cougregation but also amoug the other churches of the city. At 10:30 a. m. the reverend goutlernan preached his last sermón froru the sauie subject that he used when he preached his inaugnral sermón five years ago, "For Jesus' sake." His farewell words were eloquent in their earuestness and at times he was ahnost uveroome with emotion. Mauy in the congregation were completely uustruug aud wept unrestrainedly. At 7:30 p. m. the farewell union meeting was held in the auditorium of the churoh. At this meeting all denominations were represeuted aud the church was filled to its utmost. Rev.L. P. Davis, LL. D. , presiding eider of the Adrián district, presided. He spoke of bis relations with Dr, Coberu for the past 12 years that he had known him aud sinoerely regretted losiug him from his district bnt hoped that sometime iu the inture he might welcome him back. Juuius E. Beal, for the official board aud cougregatiou of the church, theu spoke of Dr. Coberu's conuectiou with the church as its pastor. He lauded him for his zeal, euthusiasm, bigb scholarship, vfirsatility aud tact aud in Cüuclusiou said : "He leaves us with the good will of all, with the love of the cougregatiou, the appreciatiou of the officers of the church and the regard of our citizeus. " Dr. C. G. Darlíng paid a high tribute to Dr. Coberu's citizenship and assured him of the love and gratitnde of citizens aud studeuts. Revs. J. M. üelston, of the Presbyteriau church, and T. W. Young, of the First Baptist church, spoke good words for Dr. Coberu from the sister churches aud hoped that soine day they would see him back agaiu iu Aun Arbor. Dr. Davis iheu called upou Dr. Cobern for a few words. He was nearly overeóme with emotiou aud could ouly say that he thauked the speakers froui the bottom of his heart for their kiud words, assured his cougregatiou that Anu Arbor should always be his home, and charged thetu to staud by the new pastor as they had stood by hïm.


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