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The Grass Lake News asserts that "a drop or two of essence of pennyroval on a dog's coat will drive away the fleas, " and innoeently adds, "Try it. " L. J. Dall of Ann Arbor last week was married to Miss Thirza Randelsf of the same place. It niay have been a sharp thing to do on his part, but it niakes a Dull life for her. Last Saturday all the old soldiers of the viciuity, were invited by L. S. Savery to bave a grand picnic at Salem, in Wai-htenaw county. We presume everyone accepting, had a Savery dinner. The Ann Arbor Argus asserts tbat the Ypsilanti Commercial bas ceased fighting the fallacies of republicans "in order to oross swords with his Satanic majesty. " Ah yes - same business nnder another name. Lightuing last week struck the house of John Seckinger, of Bridgewater. "It rau down the chimney" says the Argus, but did no damage beyoud kuocking some piaster off i'i ouü room. Evidently it was on lts last legs, wheu it ran down the chimney. The Woman's Foreign Missiouary society of the Ann Arbor Methodist church, is in receipt of 000, left as a legacy by the late Mary D. Beers. Though known to be stricfcly températe the treasurer of the society has expressed a desire for two mure Beers. The Detroit street railway has abandoned its cheap car fares, aud onoe more it is five cents straight, or six for a quarter. People who supposed Pingree had got cheap car fares will vee their mistake. The principal thing Pingree has secured for Detroit is iucreased taxatiou. The North Lake correspondent of the CheJsea Herald was engaged with three swarms of boes in one day, two of which hived and one of which hived him. When the excitemeut ended, a committee from the audience was unable to discover more than an inch of space between stings, anywhere on his person, and he bristled so with slivers tbat it took two men to pull his shirt off. The Ann Arbor Democrat bas beeu sold to the Inland Press, published -by Phillips & Parker, aud they annouuoe they will oonduct it as an independent, but not non-partisan paper. This ineans, tbat there is one more paper with republican teaohings, to be foisted upon the people, and its editorial utterances with the fitst issue give indications that it will not be non-partisan. It will be demoorat, ia name only. Some men insist on showing what tbey don't know by telling what they think they do kuow abont gold and silvi?r. Wnich wonld be the most profitable, to keep it up or stay at home and pull your wild lettuoe? - Chelsea Herald. " VVhioh, having written, the editor, again inoistened his hands, braced his feet, looked at the sky, aud up carne another root of wild lettnoe. Hou. D. A. Hammond, of Ann Arhor, has resigned tbe positiou of member of the state board of èducation. The other members of the board are republiuaus, yet they wonld have been glad to have him remaiu ; but he reinerubered that it was written "wheu sinners entice thee consent thou not. " His release from the board of Pattengillian puzzle-makers should afford Mr. Hammond an untrammeled opportunity to put in his hardest ''licks" on the stomp, for 16 to 1. "English sparrows are roosting in the niaple trees about town, and the boys are called upon to destroy the little nuisances, " remarks the Manchester Enterprise. Tbe sparrovv is calamitous and the small boy is surunioued to do him np He misses the sparrow and kuocks out a citizeu's eye and then they say the small boy is calamitous too. Even his parents say it; and yet they would alruost kill anybody who would attetmpt to destroy him as a uuisance. Such is human inconsistency. A. M. Besimer brought in 237 sparrow heads to the city clerk last Saturday morning. At 2 cents a head he received f4.74:. - Aun Arbor Register. If divinity would note every sparrow tbat falls to the grountl, it will have to keep a sharp eye on the work of Bessiruer's gun. But by the way, does not the law require the production of the whole birdi Bessimer showed only lieads. How can the olerk teil a sparrow from a turkey, nierely by tbe head? Bessimer's motto may be. "Heads I win, tails I lose."


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