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Got The Backache?

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If Tou Have, Here"s the V'ay to Mü Yourself of the Weariness' and Pain Attending It. Sorae people suffer with headaches, many people are ivom out and weary all the time, many more people have lame back and backache. Few people understaud the real cause of their aches, and fewcr yet know how easily they can find a cure. Justa word of explanation before we prove that what we say is true, The back is the key-note of the kidneys. Tt aches; tlmt's a sign that the kidneys are not working properly ; it is lame ; another sign, the kidneys are out of order. The kidBeys, you know, are the filters of the blood, Tjut filters sometimes get clogged up. This mcans in their case that the blood Courses through the entire system impregnati-d with poisonous urie acid, bringing ou iiiiny a disorder which, if neglected. disease perhaps incurable. And no'i about the cure: - Don't take our word iW it; read what others say : Mr. David C. Oaks is proprietor of the v.ell known hardware and paint shop at 220 East Maiu Street, Kalamazoo. Mr. Oaks has suffered a great deal from kidney ailments; he described his condition and cure as follows: "Ihad a bad, lame back, which I suppose was caused by my kidneys ; was confined to my bed during bad attacks. I might say, from time to time, I have been in that condition for years. The urinary organism was affected, urine beiug scanty, highly colored, and difficult in passage. I was in a bad shape when I got a box of Doan's Kidney Pilis, about which I had heard. I have used now two boxes of them, and the pills have removed all the pain and trouble. There was a marked improvement right from the first, and it has continued right along. Doan's Kidney Pills are the right thing in the right place." For sale by all dealers - price, 50 cents. Mailed by Foster Milburn Co., Buffalo. Ñ Y. soieagentsfortheU. S. Remeinber tiie name, Doan's, and take no other.


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