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Meets At Milwaukee

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Milwaukee, Wis., Aug. 25.- The delegation to the Repnblican National League convention were slowina.sseinblin.jat the Exposition hall, and it was nearly poon boiOre the convention was called to order. The dslegates began to straggleas early as 10 a. in., and from that time ths crowü slowly augmeuted, muchtotbe inipatience of spectators who were on hand for tho opening, whlch was scheduled for 1U. The flrst distingoished personage to arrive was J. E. Byrnos, who was sergeant-at-arms of the St. Louis conventiou, who eame in and took a s at with the Minnesota delegation. The New York de.egation came in carrying at their head the banner awarded to the Buffalo club for the largest attendanee at the Cleveland meeting and singing a campaign song. The Uand Played On. The orchestra saluted t1nem with a medley of airs. The haudsome banner and the stars and stripes also carried by the delegation were taken up on the stand and arranged on the side of McKinley and Hobart pictures mud the applause of the New Yorkers, who were there first to awaken enthusiasm in the gathering. The band played "The Old Kentucky Home" and "My Maryland," and "Dixie" brought forth the first yell. Secretary Dowling came in at 11 o'clock and was greeted with cheers when he appeared upon the stage. The New Yorkers kept up the excitement by shoming for McAipin. Tho Gordon people called their bluff and shouted, "What's the matter with Gordon?" "He's all right." The Wisconsin boys gave the nniversity yeil and then somebody wanted to know what was the with Milwaukee, and the crowd yelled: "She is all right." McAlpiu Given iti Ovatiou. At 11:10 General McAlpiu tookhisseat on the platform and was given a great ovation. The New Yorkers stood up, waving their hats and shouting, "What's the matter with McAipin? He's all right." The Maryland delegation then came in with waving gold hats vvhich harmpnized nicely with the yellow decorations of the hall. As soon as the uproar subsided, President McAipin said: "The convention will come to order. Tho deiegates wi.l be seated. Divino blessiug will be askod by the Kev. Dr. Hunsberger of Milwausee. " After the pray. r General McAipin introduced Mayor Riuschenberger, who made a brief speech of welcome. When the mayor flnished the crowd cheered him and gave ;i rousing cheer for tho city of Milwaukee. Mr. Harper Iutroduced. Samuel A. Harper, president of the Wisconsin State League of Republicaa club-, was then introduceil and was greeted by the Wisconsin university yell from the Wisconsin delegation. He made a soeeeh for the Wisconsin State league. a speech for the Wisconsin State league. JIr. Harper was frequently interrupted by applause. When he touched lupou the money question and expressed the "sound money" views o,f the Wisconsin Republicans somebody shouted, "That's the stuff." Mr. Hurpe.' was loudly applauded. At the close of Mr. Harper' s speech President McAlpin pressated Captain I. M. Baan, of Milwaukee, who wclcomed the delégate on behalí of the general comnii.tee. Mrs. Foster ou the Platform Additlonal speakers for Wednesday night were announeed as tollows: ï. B. Byrnes, of Minnesota; Senator John G. Spooner, of Wisconsin; F. X. Schoonmaker, of New Jersey, and Webstor D.ivis, of Missouri. Mrs. J. Ellen Foster, of Washington, who is to make au dddress, ocoupied a seat on the platform while the addresses of welcome were beizig made. Bert Murphy. thj celebrated English baritone, who has created a furore wherever he has appeared, and who is now ucds the dirección of the National Committce. rendered a stirriug campaigu solo, accompanied by the orehestra. Dispatches from Kt-publicans. Gen. McAlpin introduced D. D. Woodmansee ef Ohio torespoudto the addresses of welcome. The speech made an impression and Mr. Woodmansee was cheered to the echo. At this point in the proceedings, following Mr. Woodmansee of Ohio, President McAlpin arose and delivered his annual address. The roll call"of states was pensed with. and then Secretary Dowling read a number of digpatches froin McKmley, Hobart, D.pew, Goyernor Hastings aud others. Tho following appointments of serg ant it-arms Yere annouaced : Charles Resenbrock of Maryland, Luke T. Walker of Teunessee, Wellington I. Rich of Xorth Dakot , L. B. Vaughan of Illinois, öecrotary Dowling announced that at the afternoori session A. B. Cummings of Iowa, Mrs. Ellen Foster and Congressman McClèary of Minnesota would speak, and then the conventiou adjourned to Ü o clock. ■


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