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ÍL.ANO PLAST.ËR! LIME ÁXD CEMENT. LOUIS ROHDE, Main Office - 36 E. Hurón Street. Yards- 50 West Huron Street. piRE INSURANCE. CHRISTIAN MACK, j -r-'iit tor the followuig Firsi Claas Companiet" reprtjdeutiog ovyr twenty-eiht Miüion Dollars ABseis. is&uofi pohoieb at the lowest ratee j Rtna of Hartford S9,192,f44.m.i Franklin of Phila 3,118.713,00 ixermani'-i of N. Y 2,700,729.00 . American of T.Y. 4,065,968.0( London Assurance, Lond'n 1.416.78S.0I i Michigan F. & il., Detroit 287,60S.0 X Y. Underwriters, N. Y. 2..596.679.M' National, Hartford 1,774.505.00 Phenix. N . V . 3,769.086.00 W Special .ittvD:i'ii iveu o me u :wtliil(f, s unoie. ehurenee anii pnbüc biiilrtinei tprmp of tbren HTiti rife vnriCATSUP Adulterüted toba. Do you believe in it. If SC better buy chai I; iiistcad of sugar cotton seecl oil insteud of olive oif. Perhaps hough yon think abont youi health, or abouc the liavov of what jou are eating. N'o Tiy ihen l)ut to buy gooc'l stniisrht forward iiroceïies surpri?mg' part of it is that they no uiot'e than the adulterated stulï. The dealer niaVes the diSererice in c st Gupsí lie loses in reputation th,oui;h. We value our reputal ou and eciftomers do too. STAEPLEI? ét. CO.5 Phone 141. 41 S. Main St Webster9 l 1 International i f Diétionary l 9 The One Great Standard Autliority, V ? So writcs Hon. I). J. ISrewer, 9 O Justice U. S. Supreme Comt. O Ó ("Send a Postal ior Specimen Pages, etc. 0 5 Siiccefisor of the I X I d 6tL&nclLLïrcl X Ö PM H! 15=111 iï an'-l oif neavly a!i li.J c O fe-li il Wei"'' Ijl Schoolbooks. 9 fL] Commended o 9 THE BEST FOR EVERYEODY 9 a It Is easy to flnd the word yanted. X A It Is easy to ascertain the pronuncie' Ier.-. X A It Is easy to trace the growth oí a wcri. 7 A It Is easy to learn what a word rteans. V The Chicago Times-IIevaid i .;- 'p O Webster's Internationnl ! :■ '-, Q form is absolute aiutiority on everythitiii' i h.iis c A to our Jangnage ín tlio way oi onntn p. . 'i - ( X epy.etyinoloiiy, and deniniioii. f II i1 t; 'f' Y appeal. Itisat perfect iisluinian t.lK.1 1 ; . O ahipcan makelt.- Deo. 14. IS. ' % G. & C. 3TJSRRIAM CO., P;:bl ;".': ( X Springñeld, Mass., U.S.J.i


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