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A City Pastel

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Ouce upoii a time a wealthy proofreader who possessed an entire box of matches was accosted by an indigent editor who wanted fire for bis pipe and possessed nothing but a copy of the ' 'Light of Asia ' ' The proofreader thus importuned declared he could give his oomrade no assistance, as his matches were hard come by and he had nothing but a goed, fat salary between himself and a heartless world. The editor declared he was in the same fix, and the procfreader relented and gave him one measly fugitive match with a head on it thac was eo small it was only a pimple. '"Ihis match," said the editor as he struck it, "whichyou have so generdusly doiiated to the relief of suffering humanity lias efixeted a niarvelous revoutiou in society for so small a thing. I recollect my grandfather telling me of ;he trcutle they used to have in obtainmg lights in the cld days - how he wonld sit up in bal while graudma wonld paddie around in her pretty bare feet hnnting the flint ou eold winter mornings, and how wheu she had found it while she was knocking a spark ent of the old flint and steel he was sure of another half hour's nap. Wow! That infernal thing tarued myfingers. Girame another match !" "Not to any extent," replied the opulent proofreader. "If you hadspeut the time you wasted ou that chestmit in lighting your pipe, yon woald havo been out of the woods. Ycïi cao eitber hunt a fliut and steel rr i ■ car ■ a light frera one cl Mr. Edison's cauclles." -


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