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Chicago, Aug. 25. - The reports as to the condition of the cropa throughout the country and the general elïect of the weather on the cultivation, growth and harvest of the sanie were Tuesday made by the directora of the several climate and erop sections. The reports received at Chicago were as foilows: Illinois- Thé week has been unfavorable in most of the southern countles, uut elsewhere it has been favorable, and ate eorn has been making rapid progress and will requtre ten days or two weeks to be safe t'rom frost injury. Early corn is being cut in all parts of the state and a large erop Is promised. Fall pastures, late potatoes and gardens are good except in southern sectton. Broom corn outtlng has begun in Henry county. Wisconsin - The cooi weather has retarded the maturity of corn to some extent, but it is still in advance of the average. Early ■ plantings and early varieties are now matured and some is already in the shock in the southern and middle counties. With favorable weather the bulk of the erop will be safe f rom frost by Sept. 12. A large yield is anticipa ted. Threshing is eompleted and fall plowing is imder v ay. Jovva - Temperature and sunshine have been below normal with some local éxcess of rainfall. Corn is doing fairly well, but needs warm and dry weather to mature the full erop before the frost. Fall plowing is in progress. Michigan - Light frosts v ednesday morning did very little damage, which was confined to low grounds. Weather and soil favorable for fall plowing and seeding. Corn continúes in fine condition, some of the early is belng cut and cutting will be general in two weeks. Many potatoes have rotted in the ground. Bean pulling has begun. Pastures are excellent.


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