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Tbe opening of the Grand opera house this season will be on Saturday eveuiug, Sept. 5. Dnriug the summer the soenery has been repainted and tbe old theater soers will meet with a pleasiug relief to their eyes and seuses iu this respect. Other minor repairs, etc, have also been made. The attractiou for next week Saturday evening will be John E. Fitz, Kathryn Webster and their company in "A Breezy Time," aud a breezy time it is said to produce arnoug those who witness it. This week the oompany has been in Grand Rapids and the Democrat of Aug. 25 had the following criticisia of the flrst appearance of tha company : " JoUy E. B. Fitz - who rnight truthfnlly be termed one 3f tbe leviathans of the stage - merry Kathryn Webster and a large and exceptionally clean-eut coinpauy of comedians, dancers aud singers, instituted a week's run of a sparkling mixture of spectacle, burlesque, opera, comedy and farce last nigbt in the Grand. The offering is called 'A Breezy Time' and iu no way does it belie its name. The fun is fast and at times decidedly furious, although at no stage of the proceedings does it approach offensive vulgarity. Plot bas been lost sight of in the effort to introduce specialties wherevor possible and, while some of the "gags" have about thein a reminiscence of long ago, they serve their purpose in bringiug bearty laughter and are therefore acceptable. A noticeable and greatly appreciated feature of the company is its well-groomed appearance This applies equally to both the male and feinale contingents and it bas been many a day since tbe stage of the Grand bas held a prettier lot of girls and goodlooking men thau in 'A Breezy Time.' To be sure the aforasaid pretty girls have very little to do more than to look uice and beyoud a few songs, the twanging of bevibboned guitars and mandojlins and assistiug in bell-ringing selec tions, tbe "summer resort" young men j comprising the Columbia quartet simpI ly assist in embellishing the stage. The hard work devolves upon the ponderons Mr. Fitz, Miss Webster, Robert Mausfleld, James Shields, Ernina Ballard, Leo Clifford aud Bnrt Webster, who all put in f uil time and contribute heavily to the raising of the 'breeze. ' All are good in their numerous specialties and auy person fond of gingery fun and embellished with superb scenery aud handsorne costumes will find it a profitable investment to occupy a seat where the gusty draughts can exert their f uil pressure upon him. Many catchy novelties in the line of burlesque features are introduced and the Turkish opera composiug the last act, in which is given the charming Turkish bell gavotte with calcium effeets, is a beautiful siage picture."


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