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A special meeting of the school board was held Tuesday evening to prepare the budget of expenses for the ensuiug year. The report of Trustee Bower, the treasurer, showed an overdraft of 16,501.32 Aug. 24 at the bank. Expeuditures to the amount of 59,833.02 have been made during the year. Estiiuates for the com'n year showed tnat in additiou to the ruill tas, primary inouey and tuition 36,481.32 would be needed. It was decided to ask the annual meeting for 5,500 bocds, $3,000 to be due in 1900 and 2,500 due in 1901, for the Thrrd ward buildiug. The matter of the reduction of Mrs. Sunderland's salary to 600 came up and that lady asked for 20 minutes in whioh to present her case. The request was grauted. She read her remarks from manuscript, occupying almost exactly the time asked for. She made a complete statement of her personal educatioual advantages, her experience as a teacher, referred to her eularged experieuce iu other directions, quoted from letters of endorsement, and recalled complirnentary utterances of members of the board in times past. Several members of the board also spoke in her favor. A vote on the qnestion of restoring the higher salary stood : Yeas - Bower, Mack, Smith, Gruner - 4 ; nays Beal, Bach, Jacobs, Miuer, Scott - 5. Mrs. Carolyn H. Trueblood's resignation as teacher of elocution was received and accepted. Theontract for seating the Third ward school addition was let to E. H. Stafford & Co., of Muskegon, at $346.15. Fiva hundred copies of the president's and superintendent's reports were ordered printed.


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