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Attempted To Break Jail

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Ou Tnesday night a uarrow escape froiii a jail delivoiy was experienced by the officers ai the jail. Deputy Jay Wood went into the corridor as usual iu the eveniug to lock the seveD prisouers now coufiued in the jail iiito the cage. In the semi-darkuess that prevailed he did not notice that only flve of them were inside the cage. A bout 1 o'clock Sheriff Jndsou heard a suspicious noise and calliug up his deputies a seareh was made. It revealed the fact that one of the prisoners uained Carr was hidden up on the water pipe and Frankenstein, the "couverted Jew" was hidden behiud a talile iu the corridor. They had looseued one brick froin the lfi-inch wall and would, doubtless, have had mauy more out if tbey had not been interrupted. Ciirr is in jail on a charge cL forgery and Frankenstein for the larceny of a horse. Deputy Wood assumes all blnme for this attempt and says he was not careful enough iu looking around. He will be more carefnl hereafter.


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