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Thos. Gott is building a cooper shop in Willis in which four men will be employed when it is completed. John Iveson has just threshed and reports a yield of 2,250 bushels of oats from eleven aores. - ClintOD Local. Ohelsea will have a fall fair this year and tho dates f ir holding it are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Oot. 7-0. Miss Frankie B. McCall, of Cbelsea, and Mr. DeWitt C. Chapman, of Detroit, are to be married Thursday next, Sept. 10. V. H. Davenport, of Saline, lost the whole of his peach erop one night last week tbrongb the depredations of a lot of rascally tbieves. The remains of Mrs. R. Lockhart, of Jackson, nee Miss Matie Jewett, of Saline, ware brongbt to 'Saline Saturday and interred in the cemetery at that place. George J. Nissly, of Saliue, shipped a rarload of poultiy from Ypsilanti, Fr day On Saturday he and George Boethner shipped et carload from Bridgewater. Miss Olive C. McMuilen and Mr. Thos. C. Butler were njairied Wednesday evening of last week at the residence of the bride's parents just south of Mooreville. Miss Delia M. Rheinfrank and Mr. Ernest D. Sutherland were married at the home of the bride's pareuts iu Saline on Wedueaday eveuiug of last week by Rev. F. G. Putter. Miss Daniels, who has been connected With the normal school for two yoars, has resigned her positinn there to aocept one iu the San José, (Cal.) normal school, where she taught previons to goidg to Ypsilanti. Wm. .Auberliu, of Detroit, who tried to induce Ypsilanti capitalists in establishing a bieyole factory in that city, had to give up the job as the aforesaid meu of money considered tbe times too bard to go into sucb au enterprise. Rev. P. S. Sboemaker, who has been pastor of the Free Methodist church, Milan, fnr two years past, has been assigned to Sherwood, Branch county. Rev. F. L. Baker bas been assigned to the Milau chureb and preached his first sermón Sunday. An Ypsilanti citizen writing to the Commercial says: "What Ypsilanti needs is better sidewalks. Tbe eondition of many of them is a disgrace to a oity which lays so great stress on tbe fact that it is the seat of the Michigan State Normal School, and one of the busiesD manufacturing towns in Michigan." The steeple of St. Mary's church, Chelsea, was badly shattered by the lighluiug in the storm of Satnrday week last. The loss is fully covered by insurance. The damage is so great that it will be necessary to build a uew towor. The rest of the building seems to be uuiujured. It was a close cali for the reotory adjoiuing, and it is very fortúnate that do lives were lost. Charlie Swiunerton, of Milan, was deliveriug a can of gasoline on Connty st. Wedup.sday afternoon of last week, when he stepped ou a match lying ou the sidewalk. The matjh "went off," aod so did the can o' gisoline, and Charlie came pretty near goingtoo; he was quite badly though not daDgerously bnrned. - Leader. A very serious accident occurred in Palmer's saw mili in Exeter towuship, Tuesday afternoon of last week. Clem Bronner, of Milan, the sawyer, was struck on the right side of his neck by a board that came over tne saw. It was a fearful blow, and made a dangerous wound. Dr. Baldwin, of Maybee. sewed up the gash and the patiënt was taken to his home. The Young People's Alliance of Whittafcer, has been reorganized and the following officers elected for six months: President, Miss Anna Osborn ; vice president", Mrs. Anna Simonds; recording secretary, Harry C. Snowball; ourrespondiug secretary, F. J. Hammond; treasnrer and organist, Miss Cad Larnkiu ; assistaut organist, Miss May Fullington ; chorister, W. A. Anderson. Henry Fooklor, a mau without a cent, who bargained for a $1-1,000 farm adjoiniug Battle Creek and got trusted all over that gity on his claim tbat he had received a draft for .27,000 for northern Michigan piae lana, was arrested at lus sister's, eigbt miles north of Chelsea. Tuesday of last week aud taken to Battle Oreek ou a ehaige of gettinj; goods under false pretendes. When searohed he did not have n cent iu his pocket. Ypilauti is goiüg to add au additiou to its waterworks building. Mr. Albert H. Ainworth aud Miss Mao Riclr.uv:s were married at Ypsihiati ou Werinesday eveuicg. The Dexter Cungregationul Sunday school piciiced at Pottage Lake, Weduesday of last week aud had a jolly good time. The Ir.dies of St. John's church, Ypsiiai.'t;, netled $75 trom their social aud drawiug ou Weduesday eveuing of last week. Louis Charlton, colored, died in Ypsilauti, Tuesday moruiug, aged about 80 years. He ad beeu ailiug for four or five years. The 1 i rnoutbs old sou of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morton, of Ypsilauti, died Snnday moruiug of cholera iufantum and was buried Tuesday. The M. E. churoh society of Webster had au ice cream social at the residence of Mrs. Florence Miller, Wednesday eveniug, which %vas well atteuded. Alexauder Nulan, of Ypsilanti, whose eyesight was injured by the explosiou of a lire cracker last Fourth of July, will recover the full use of bis sight. While C. Ableson, of Ypsilanti plaiufc, was lowering one corner of his baru, the building, which was full of oats, went off its foundation, ruiniug it completely. The clothing store of Edward Mann & Sou, of Piuckney, was brokeu into Tnursday night aud a considerable amount of clothiug, besides a good ruauy valuable papers were takeu. The Standard Oil Co. has voluntarily withdrawn its suit agaist Norval C. Hawkins, and filed a discontinuance in the Wayne county clerk's office, Detroit. The settlemeut aud discontiuuance of the case were on ternas not made public. - Ypsilanti Commercial. A party of 60 tough lookiug specimens took diuuer at the Hawkins house, Yspilanti, on Suuday. They were not trampa, however; alrhough their bepatohed and ragged garments gave them that appearance, but mem bers of the Detroit Rambler Club who had made the run to Ypsilanti on their bioycles as a "hard times" party. At the local option election Monday quite a full vote was polled in Lenawee county. Uuofficial returns from Hills dale and fifteen towns give a majority against prohibition of 209. A rumor from Moscow gives the majority in that town at 100, which would make the majority 309. Tne towns to hear from are quite likely to go "dry." The vote is close aud only the canvass can decide which way it had gons. Qeorge Hirth, a meraber of the fiim of Thorpe, Hawley & Co. , wholesale confectioners, died Wednesday of last week at his residence at 89 State st. , Detroit, from faeai't failure. Mr. Hirth was a former resident of Ypsilanti and was 60 years old at the time of his death. His remains were buried in Highland cemetery, Ypsilanti, Friday afteruoon. The funeral was atteuded by many of the members of the Masouic fraternity of which he was a member. Au old man claiming to have jusi sold a farm in Syracuse, N. Y., and giviug his name as Charles Holmes, aged 79, was captured oue mile west of Pinckney, Monday night, by Constable John Chalker, as the man wauted in New Hudson for stealng money from the boarding house of John Huggart Sunday night. Holmes is a big powerful fellow, weighs about 235 pounds and looks to be about 60 years old. Depnty Sheriff Morgan says he is sure in his identity and that Holmes is an old offender. He was taken to Oakland connty for trial. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kleinsmith, of Freedom, were pleasantly surprised receutly on the 30th auuiversary of their wedding day. About 40 relatives and frieuds were present and an elabórate supper was served. They were presented with a beautiful table. Those from abroad were Heniy Kleinsmith and wife and Jobn Kleinsmitb, of Dansville, Miss Anna Alteubern, of Jackson, Mr. and Mis. Wm. Hall, Mrs. Frank Hall and daughter, Misse? Ricca Altenberu and Ida Earnse, and August Kleiusmith, of Norvell. A young man nacaed Farnam, living near Piockuey, was returning borne froin Lima iu a comatose oondition at a very early hour Wednesday morning of ïast week, depending upon the horse to select the road. The atmual selected a good road but one which was, uufortunately for the carriage tbills, occupied by a threshiug eugiue which olaimed to have been there first aud refnsed to move. Af ter some difflcuty the hcrse aud eugine were separated, the flght resulting in a draw - that is, Farnam drew the carriage home. - Dexter Leader. It is truly surprising, says an exchange, how the public, when expectiog to take a drive over the country, will select the graveled roads even in tbe snmmer when all roads are supposed to be good. The gravel road is popular. It is tbe road of all roads 365 days in the comruon year and one day more in leap year. Farmers and all others know it and we apprehend that very shortly all farmers who wish the travel to be on the highway along their premises and thus be seen of tbe stranger and admired of the world, will see to it that the toad be graveled in good shape. The day will be here when a farm on a road not graveled will be on a side road but little nsed. Farmers of Washtenaw county know this just aswell asauybody, but outside of the Saline gravel road and one or two others there are no good roads in the couuty.