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Corn Harvester Contest

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Tbere was a uioustar farmers' picnic at SVhitmore Láke Saturday, but there was cue of a considerable magnitude ou the i'arin of A. O. Aiusworth, just west oL Ypsilanti, during the same aftemoon. The picnic for the farmers at the latter place cousisted of a practical coutest of two of the best known coru barvesters ou the market, and several hundred tillers of the soil assembied to see the test made. Mr. Ainsworch is cousidered oue of the best, most careful aud most successful managers of farms iu this section of the country, and is a recoguized anthoritj o'a tbiugs appertaining to this great industry. Lately he deteimined to purchase a coru harvester, aud he wanted the very best that the market afïorded. In order to secure it and know that he wouid be right in bis flual decisión he demauded that a fair test be made ou his farm between the McCormick and the Deeriug machines, the price of them to be the same, aud vuichever would accomplish the best work iu eveiy respect he would purchase. Severai attempts had been made to get the ageüts to show the virtues of these machines side by side, but their endeavors had sigually failed until Saturday and tne contest uaturaliy drew a large crowd. The two machines were drawn by teams of horses of equal weight and they were tried on four kinds of oorn and on different soils. Souie of the corn was ordinary Dent corn and Dent ooru that was badly down aud in all manuer of conditions. There was Mammoth Eusilage coru, drill, the stalks of which rose to a height of from 14 to 16 f eet, and some of it was badly taugled up. The machines were taken over gravelly loam aud on muck and where the corn had been drilled thick and averaged 40 tous to the acre. The conditions of the test Avere perfect. As the machiues weut from one field to another to perform more difficult tasks the contest grew very esciting, aud the eutire crowd watched every movenient closely. The trial lasted the eutire afteiuoou and the crowd in attendance will testify that there conld not be anythiug worse to master in the way of coru harvesting thau was presenttd before them, The contest was so close that Mr. Ainsworth reserved his decisiou uutil Monday morning, and then decided to purchase the Deering cbiue. - '


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