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The Haunas, the Belmonts, the millonaire...

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The Haunas, the Belmonts, the millonaires, trusts and ïnonopolists want this governruent run on the principie that the govemment should legislate for the rioh and the rich should care for the poor. Why not legislate for the people and let the rioh take care of themselves which they are abuudantly able to do. The eastern campaign orators fiud ranch fault with the farmers for desiring a higher price for their farm produce. The tocsin of the republican orators seem to be lower prices for farm produce means cheaper living, and cheaper living is conducive to the prosperity of the American people. How do the farmers like this? A democratie grocer at Buchanau put out a placard offering thirty pounds of granúlate d sugar for one dollar. His repnblican competitor put out a sign announcing a barrel of sugar for one 1804 silver dollar. The latter offer is trnly wortby of a gold bug, as the 1804 dollar is worth several hnndred dollars. - Monroe Democrat. The New York Financial News says: It now tnrns out that the "Mexican dollars" which have been so generoas]y distributed as "objeot lessons" against silver are counterfeit dollars, made by British macbinery and shipped to Florida, wbere they were bought for political purposes. The Mexican government is after the counterfeiters. John Buil is a shifty oampaigner in America and backs his interests. Capt. Allen, in his Whitmore Lake speech, made a most excellent point when he stated that if it was dishonest for the United States to remonetize silver, why was it not dishonest for alj tbe world to do it and if it were honest for the world to do it, wby is it not honest for the United States. Tbis point will bear thonght. The republicans defend the piesent gold standard until suoh time as tbe world will adopt the gold and silver standard. And their advocates lay great stress upon tbe dishonesty of tbe advocates of the free coinage of silver by this country alone. If free coinage would be dishonest for tbis country, it would for the world and the republicaus, froni their own standpoint, wish to be dishonest, if they can persuade the world to be dishonest ■with thera. But it is too mnch to expect of the gold advocates to be logical. If the present gold standard is the proper one, why do the republicans want to change it in the far distant future wben the other nations can be induced to agree to a change. If it is not a proper one wby not cbange at once. In 1776 the United States declared their political independence. In 1896 let them declare their flnanoial independence.


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