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Cochran's Speech

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The circnmstanoes attending Bonrke Cochran's effort at Madison Square Garden were all appropriate. He was the paid orator of the multi-millionaires who are determined to snstain the gold standard at any expense and all hazard. He spoke to the richest audience that ever listened to a speaker on this continent. The president of the meeting was the Hon. Perry Belrnont, multi-millionaire, and representativo of the Rothschild interest in this coontry. Conld anything be inore fitting? Diarnonds glistened like star dust in the milky way. Jewelled hands waved costly handkerchiefs in applause. Gonty old baDkers clapped their pndgy white hands at the orator's periods. BuĆ¼ notwithstanding all these encouraging accessories, Mr. Cochran's speech was a failnre. It was not what he promised to do, nor what was peoted of him. He was to answer Bryau, and challenge his statements and refuta bis argnments. He did ueither. Bryan's speeoh stauds uuassailed. Cochran's tirade of abuse, his jokes at the farmers and the pettyfogging invective which he hnrled at all who veutured to differ from hiru,' was not argument and did his canse injury. Bryan's speech will be found to be nuassailable by all who study it with fairness, and with a desire to inform themselves upon the most important subject that can be presented to the


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