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One Man's Suffering

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The Trials and Tribnlations of a Battle Creek Citizen- How He Comes to Teil This Story. (.From the Sattle Creek Hoon.) Among tho moulders at tbc wwks of the Michigan foundry cotnpany can bu foiiml Mr. Amos Maynard; lie has lived iu Battle Creek for over ten years, i; honored aud respected by all whó know him ; such ís the man who makes thi statement, hc says: " I have had kidaey trouble for years, and it has mude my life miserable. The heavy lifting, necessary in my business, made me worse. I have been compelled to lie in bed in a helpless comiition for as long as nine days at a time: tho greatest pain was from myback, whieh iometimes feit as thougb a bayonet was b ing run through me in the región of ty.y kidneys; many citizens of Battle Cre .. knew how bad I was. I could not move without the greatest caution, for on as I attempted to stoop over, bend trtone side, or even turn in bed, the pain was simply unbearable. I wore poroua piasters constantly for the little temporary relief they brought me. "Wlu-never I caught the slightest cold it went straight to my kidneys and made me worse. I was advised to try Doan's Kidney Pilis, and got some. I have taken in all four boxes of them, and I now feel as active as ever. A few monthsago I would have ridiculed the idea of being cured so (juickly, and being able to work as I can uo-.v. All the long-standing pains are gone, and the former traces of kidney disorders found in my urine have disappeareii I have recommended Doan's Kidncv Pilis to many friends who were trouhled as I was. and in every case I hava learned they proved as beneficia! as with me. Doan's Kidney Pilis would be cheap to me at almost any price. " For sale by all dealers, price 50 cents. er-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., sole i s for the U. S. Iïemember the name, 's, and take no other.


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