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Benign Tornadoes

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And, talking about cyclones, " said the man from Kansas, "theru air twisters is mighty queer things. " The smart young man who sat besicle the Kansan threw away his cigarette, and even the gripman looked interested. "You have seen a tornado, then?" ! aid the smart young man with anima tion. "Seen 'em?" said the farmer scorni fully. "Why, young feller, I comes from Kansas. ' ' "Oh!" said the smart young man. A little later he ventured to remark, j "Had lots of experieuce with cyclones, I suppose. " "Experience? Naw, you don't get no experience dealing with cycloues, ' ' said the man from Kansas, " 'cause them twisters never do the same thing twice. You just learn to dig out for the cellar I when you see 'em comin. " ' 'They do all sorts of queer things, I suppose?" said the gripman, as he started the train with a sudden bound that jostled the smart young man's nat over his eyes. "One of 'em done me a good turn once," said the man from Kansas meditatively. "Boot and Mit Glover own the nest farm to mine out in Pawnee county, and their . crops kept a-failing, and they kept a-borrowing mouey off of me till they had their house mortgaged clean up to the roof. It looked like my rnoney was a goner, for they kept on losing their corn erop every, year and I couldii't get the house 'cause they had a shotgun wr.iting for me in the kitchen. Well, one day 'long comes one of these roaring cyclones, and blessed if it didn't blow that whole house over into my pasture - yes, sir, and dropped the roof down on the foundations just as neat as you could have laiu it. Looked as if the house had just sunk out of sight. But then I didn't have a mortgage on the roof, so I didn't care about that. " "Reminds me of a story of a brother of mine out in Ioway, "said the man on the step. ' 'Had a fine setter dog - best hunter in the state. My brother couldn't shoot, so he wantod to sell him. But he couldn't, 'causo the dog had a twist in his tail like a pig. Cyclone caught that dog out in the buckwheat patcli one day and jusfc nacherally ironed out that tail like a broomstick. He sold the dog for $S0 the nextweek. "


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