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Sultan In Defense

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Washington, Sept. 1.- The Turklsh legation he.s reoeived from the sublime porte the followlng telegram: "The central committee of the Armenian revolutionists of Constantinople organized on a vast scale a programme of disorders and criminal acts. Separate grcups of these revolutionists began their misdeeds at the same hour at different points of the capital. Beslöes revolvers and daggers they used boni! s and dynamite. About fifty of these men, entering separateiy into the Irrïperial Ottoman bank, began by killing the guards and policemen, throwing their heads into the stieets. "In many parts of the capital and even in the Armenian church at Pera a great number of dynamite bombs wore iound. The Armenians faithful to the imperial throne are indignant. and the patriarch excommunicated, in the name of Jesus Christ, all the crimináis ivho put n jeopardy the lives of innocent men and women. The patriarch begged the sublime porte to comrr.unicate to the press the decisión against the revolutionists in order to stigmatize bfore the civilized world their crimes and horrors.


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