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Thirty Hours Of Slaughter

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Constantínople. Sept. 1.- There is no longer any doubt tliat the massacres were orgañized by. tlie Turkish authorities. and it has been ascertained that orders were only given to the Bashibazouks to ceáse massacreing the Armenians after the bloody work had been going on for thirty hours. It ia also a fact that hundreds of Turks were bröught over f rom the Asiatic side of the Bosphorus in order to take part in the massacres, and many Armenians were put in boats, which were then taken out to sea. Their fate is unknown, but there is not the slightest doubt that they have been drowned. Although it may be true that the attack on the Ottoman bank originated with the Ai'menian revolutionary committee, it is admitted on all sides that the massacres which followed were not justified and that from 3,000 to 4,000 people lost their Iives in the streets of this city or in those of the suburbs during the last of the week. The Armenians also intended to attack the palace, the branch office ei the Credit Lyonnaise. and other places, their avowed object being to force the powers to intervene in ihe Armenian question. People in a position to judge the situation accurately believe that the sultan has once approached dangerously near to the point of forcing on the powers the necessity of dismembering the Turkish empire. The Armenian college at Hissar and the Bible house at Stamboul are still guarded by troops and United States Minister Terrell has done everythng possible under the circumstances to protect the lives and property of Americans and has made strong representations on the subject to Tewfik Pasha.


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