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Veterans At St. Paul

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St. Paul, Sept. 1.- The weather for the seeond day of the Grand Army encampment was perfect. Among the arrivals the most striking was the drum corps of the Howell Kellner post of Bufíalo, N. T., whose regimental uniform was of the oíd continental cut and color and the gray hair of the old and strongly marked faces of some members of the corps made one almostthink they were some of Washington's veterans instead of the still vigorous veterans of the recent "unpleasantness." They were heard all over town, for after arriving a little after 10 o'clock, the-y proceeded to serenade the newspaper offices, the different hotels, and headquarters, as well as national headquarters. They were electioneering with effect, and everybody soon knew for certain that Buffalo was after the 1S!)7 encampment, if it were possible that any one had not before heard of it. So rau(h time is given to greetings and getting settled that limited opportunity is secured for the politics of the encampment, but the various candldates all have friends who get in such words as possible. Many of the delegates, however, will not reach the .city uil nearly time for u . usiness sessions to begin Thursday. so that such a as an accurate polling of the delegates is hardly possible. ■ The number of candidates is still great and all may be voted for, although the New Torkers will not ...oiv their names to be presented if so doing will in any way interfere with the chances of the next encampment groing to Buffalo. Columbia post of Chicago, whose martial hearing and fine appearance attracted so much attention when they arrived Monday. are among those who are working for Buffalo. and as the Denver workers have not been so early on the field, it gives Buffalo a great advap.tagre, and most of the delegates now here seem to think that city will secure the next encampment without much opposltion.


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