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Prof. Hinsdale For The School Board

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To the Editor of the Argas: In view of the coming school election I would like to cali the attention of the votere of Arm Arbor to the fact that we have among us one man of i reeminent fitness íor a place on our school board, and wnose connection vith the board would iiot ouly be of very great value in all our educational work, bnt would give it a standing in the state of which all our citizens inight well be proud. That rnan, I need hatdly say, is Prof. B. A. Hinsdale, of the university. Prof. Hinsdale has giveu life to the work of education, bis chair is the chair of education, and it is no disparagement of auy one else to say that no man in Ann Arbor or in the state is more tbroughly posted, not only in the principies of education, but in practical school methods and work and management, than hp. Prof. Hinsdale is not only a distinguished educator, but he is a very practical man ; he is througbly ideutifled with Ann Arbor, and he is able to do Ann Arbor a most valuable service in connection with her schools. It is a rare good fortune that we have such a man among us. Let us avail ourselves of our good fortune. Let us all unite, without reference to party, to uominate and elect Professor Hinsdale to a place on our new school board. Aun Arbor, Sept. 1, 1896.