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Real Estate Transfers

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Isaac Welbou to Allen B. Hanson, Augusta, $700. Henry Stall and wife to Rose Speechly, Ann Arbor, $1,900. John Walz and wife to J. F. Schaeberle, Aun Arbor, f 1,750. John Sundburg and wife to Ellen Sundburg, Milán, 300. George R. Johnson and wife to George W. and Richard Johnson, Ypsilanti, 8,000. Lizzie Henry to Margaretha Bower, Aun Arbor, 3,000. Laura J. Hallock to Sarah E. Coffin, Aun Arbor, $1. James R. Bach to Anua B. Bach, Aun Arbor, $1,200. Thos. J. Keech and wife to Anuista M. Holmes, Aun Arbor, Sl,000. John Spears and wife to D. C. Griffen, Superior $35. George D. Wiard and wife to G. Will Wiard, Ypsilauti, 1,290. Isaac Taylor, by heirs, to H. M. Taylor, Chelsea, 150. Aaron Durand and wife to Hannah M. Taylor, Chelsea, 212.50. Hannah M. Taylor to Wru. S. Hamilton, Chelsea, $200. George N. B. Renwick. by sheriff, to Polly Ann Dunn, Salera, 2,174.50. Daniel Sackett and wife to Peter McGew, Dexter, 150. Benjamin C. Boyce and wife to Benjamin F. Boyce, Lyudon, $1. Abrarn A.'Wilson and wife to Walter W. Smith, Fpsilanti, 100. Walter Y. Smith and wife to Jesse W. Reed and wife, Ypsilauti, 125. Margaret Yolland to John Volland, Manchester, 250. George N. Dorr and wife to Wm. L. Dorr, Aun Arbor, 1.