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Cherry Hill young men have organized a banjo club. The Chelsea marshal shoots all dogs foand running at large. Phineas Staart, who lives near Howell, will be 103 years old Oot. 8th, next. Dexter boys go gunning for sparrows with flrearms within the village limits. Mr. Archie MoNicol, of Ypsilanti, and Miss Mand Rea, of Tillman, Mich., were married at Tillman, Wednesday. A family reunión was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Price, of Ypsilanti town, Sept. 14, their son Theophilus being home ou a visit. Rev. R. K. Wharton, of Beaver Dam, Wis., is the new pastor of the Presbyterian church, Ypsilanti. He will assuuie tbe pa.storate the second Sunday in Ootober. Miss Clara R. Begole, died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Milton H. Begole, in Pittsfleld, Thursday of last week, aged 14 years. The funeral took place Satnrday. John P. Williams, of Bridgewaer, shipped a carload of cabbage to Cincinnati, Ohio, last week. He also picked a second erop of blackberries from his vines and the vines were still in blossom. Bejax, formerly owned by Pred W. Green, of Ypsilanti, died at Mantón, Mie h . Thnrsday of last week. The horse ivas the property of M. E. Taylor of thafc place. Au insnranoe of $2,000 was carried on hitn up to witbin a year ago. Chas. Haffeuer, of Hamburg, was cleaning hisgun oue dayreoently wheu it vreut oiï and badly lacerated his left hand which was placed directly over the mnzzle. Dr. J. N Swartz amputated one of the flngers and sewed up the wonnd. The Lutberan church, Ypsilanti, held a "Mission Fest" lastSunday. Rev. H. E. Clessler, of Bridgewater, and Eev. Luetjen, pastor of the church, preached in the morning and Revs. Kaeding, of Detroit, and Nicklas, of Ana Arbor, in the evening. The latter preached in English. Airs. Matilda Moore, rnother of Mrs. Peter H. DeVoe, died at the home of her daughter in Ypsilanti Friday. The deceased was 73 years of age and the cause of her death was apoplexy. The funeral was held Sunday afternoon and the remains were iuterred in Highland cemetery. Mrs. C. A. Ninas, of Ypsilanti, died on Saturday after a year's lingering illness, of consumption. She had been cominander of Queeu City flive, L. O. T. M. , for threo years, bnt had to give up her duties last June. Her remains were taken to her old horue in New York for in terment ou Monday. The Detroit Evenicg News tells of a Milau farmer who was carrying a bundie of oornstalks whon a hog passed that wáy and ran between his legs and carried him anund ou its back. In the course of his rapid transit, the farmer lost his bnadle of cornstalks and in due time picked himself out of a fence corner with a broken rib. The baby show at St Luke's parish house, Ypsilanti, last Saturday, was attended by 41 babies and a large crowd of interested sight seers. Leo Stoll got a majority vote as the prettiest boy, and Clarke Gotts for the prettiest head of hair. In the girl's class it was a tie between Martha Mañana and Estelle Moore as to who was the prettiest, and each was awarded a prize. J. L. Harlow, of Ypsilanti, was etruck by an east bound passenger train and instantly killed, Thursday of last week, one ruile west of that city. Mr. Harlow had been in poor health for tbe past two weeks, the disease and worry over business matteis finally affectiug his braiu. He was G6 years of age. His remains were taken to his old home in Cholsea, Satnrday, and bnried there. He leaves a widow and one son. Roberfc Hardy, n youug mau of Ypsilanti, wás cbarivaried by a party of his friends one night last week, thoy having beard tbat he was rnarried. AU his assertions to the ooatrary -,vere of no avail and fiually he bPt one of the crowd a dollar thut sneh was uot the case and put up tlie money in the hands of auofher of the party. The stafceholder called the boys togetber and marched off saying "Tüat's all rigbt, Hardy, we'll smoko on you. " And now Hardy is out a dollar and isn't married either. Saline Presbyterian people have a harvest festival this eveuiug. Ed. Mulread, of Bellevilie, threshed 4,81? bushels of all kiuds of graiu in füur daya reeeotly. The Milau high school team wou the Mouroe base ball chainpiouship at the Duudee fair, 10 to 11. A collectiou of $156 was taken up at the mission services at Bethel church, Freedom, Snnday, Sept. 13. Miss Lena Austin, of Aun Arbor, and Dr. C. F. Johuston, forruerly of Milau, were rnarried Sept. 8, at Lapeer. Tl e Chelsea Roller Mills has changed hands, Mrs. D. E. Sparks baving sold it to W. F. Hatoh, who will take possession October lOth. The farmers of Washtenaw county have had beautiful weatber this fall to put in their wheat. The soil also has been in fiue conditiou. Mrs Hattie Beaoh Scotuey, wife of Charles Sootney, of Superior, died very soddenly Satarday, of heart disease, aged 32 years. She liad but recently been married. Miss Mary Miller, of JMilan, rode her bicycle to Ypsilanti, Tuesday of last week. Wheu uear that city a large dog pulled her from her wheel, fracturing her arm and injuring the wheel. W. Fitch Allen and A. B. Smith have been appointed a comrnittee to take charge of the permanent fund for improving JMarble Park Grove cemetery, at JMilan, by its owner, J. L. Marble. A McKinley and Hobart olub nas been organized in Chelsea with a membership of 300. The officers are Qeo. H. Kempf, president; Geo. A. BeGole, secretary ; Dr. H. W. Schmidt, treasnrer. The Manchester ball team took part in a toarnament at Clinton, Wednesday of last week. In the forenoon Manchester played with Lake Ridge and lost by a score of 14 to 8. In the afternoon, however, Manohester won f rom Brooklyn by a score of 10 to 3. The teachers in the Milan schools this year arB: Prof. C. H. Carrick, principal; Mrs. C H. Carrick, preceptress; Miss Bessie E. Daley, grammar; Miss Ida L. Bnrronghs, intermedíate; Miss Kittie Sauer, lst primary ; Miss Maggie Hope, chart department. Qraham, Hagaman & Co., of Manohester, have decided to start a cheese factory there. The store building at Solesville has been put in shape for the business and they have assurance from some of the best farmers around Manchester that they will take hold andassistiu makiug the affair a'success. Water was turned into the pipes reoently laid for the system of water works, Saturday week, aod the resalt was highly satisfactory, as the pressnre was sufflcient to_ throw water over any building o town. Only oue break was fouud, that being on East Middle street, where a piece of defective pipe bursted. - Chelsea Standard. An enthusiastic meetiug of the Milan Pree Silver Club was beid Tuesday evening of last week, and a more thorough, systeiuatic and activa organization perfected. L. A. Wilcox was elected captain, aud 200 caps and torolies were ordered, besides banners, etc. Eluquent speeches were made by several members of the club, and all are stirred up to enthusiastic work.


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