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It -was just a little informal gathering of womea, and as they sipped tea witb their hats on and gossiped about church sociables and of. the preponderance oi girls among the babies that had reeently arrived, one of them let fall a Germán expression. "Oh, dear mei Do you speak German?" asked the tall woruan f rom down east, who plumes herself upon haviug married a Germán broker and thinks she speaks Germán herself. "How delightful!" "Certainly," said the stout woman who was addressed. ' 'I should think I ought to. I lived in Germany for ten years before I was married. It is a very nseful thing too. My Irusband does not speak Germán, but I remember one instance when the knowledge of just one little Germán word was of great help to him. You see, I always made it a practioe to begin teaching Germán to my chilrlren when they were babies, and just teaching them one word at a time and saying that ono word whenever it was appropriate until it was indelibly fixed in their memory. Now, when my last baby was beginning to walk, I wauted to teach her that the fire was hot, and so whenever she went near to it I would pull her away and point to the stove and say, 'Heisl' I saíd it a great many times, and by and by she learned that 'heis' raeant hot. Now, one day my husband was breaking in a new man at nis factory, and he wanted to warn him about some dangerous place. The man was a Germán, and mv band was at a loss as to how to make him understand until, all of a sudden, be rememberod having heard ine instructiug the baby. Sohopointed to the place and called to the man, 'Heis!' 'Heis!' The niaii's face lit up, and he turned to my husband and esclaimed : "'I understand you perfectly. ' " -


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