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A Grand Chance!

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To Save Money by Buj ing Your Winter Goods jS'ow. S1.5O WORTH OF GOODS for S1-OO Beginiimc: Saturríay, September 12, and ending Wednesday, Sept 30 We will reduce the prices on the following goods. Kead these urices and come and. see for yourself. Cottows Prints and Shirtings. Table JLiaens, Napkins and " 10c Bleached Cottons, reduced to 74c a yard n . Te Unbleached Cottons, reduced to 49c a yard brasiles. One lot of Dark Prints, reduced to 3''2c a yard All Best Light Prints, reduced to 32c a yard 5 pieces Bleached Table Linen, the 75c All 10c Heavy Shirting. reduced to Sc a yard quality, reduced to 5gc lüBalesof löcBatts, eaeb rollweighsl 1b at9c 3 Pieoes Bleached Table Liueu, the 5te Dark Tennis Flannels, extra heavy, reijuality, reduced to 3oc ducedto 4e a yard 3 pieces Turkey Red Damask, the 40c 25 doz. large gize Gingham Aproos, wortb quaiity, reduced to 25c 25c, reduced to loc 50 doz. Large Size Napklns, worth $1.25 25 pieces Table Oll Clotli. the best quaïreduced to 89c ity, reduced to 15c 10 pieces all Lineu Ci'asli, reduced to 4e Underwear. It will pay you to buy now at these prices : DleSS and SilksChildren's Gr?y Mixed Vest and Pants, i , , .... worth 2óc, reduced to 9c Our stock is complete in all the new thinjrs. Children's Grey Mixed Vest' and" "Pants" ' F,a.ucy „7Si!ks in t'isured and Chungeable for worth 40c, reduced to ' 19C Shirt Waists, eriwothTedtö.5" 4" One lot of Sil ks, wortb 75c. reduoeato.. 59c Men%Grev wbol Shirts and 'ñVawrV One lot of Silks, worta 65p reduoed to" 4;c Thirty pieces Heavy Unbleached Cotton Flannel, worth 12jc, at 7c Musliu Underwear. Bargains in ready-made Wrappera at Ladies' Corset Covers, reduced to 10c 99c and $1.19 La.dies' Night Dresses, reduced to 25c Home-made Comfortables with 5 pounds Ladies' M'Eite Skirts, reduced to " 25c ' tne very best Battingr and best Ladies' Drawers, reduced to r......l'.".. 19c Prints, reduced to $1.39 Eemember, this isa genuine Mark-Down Sale, so if you are In ' need of Dry Goods whv not buy them where you will get $1.50 worth of goods for $1.00 1 First Come, Firsc Served so don t wait until all the bargains are gone, come at once. BQT ÏAIMPC 2Ó MA1N stReet, J 1 JAITIJL;, . ANN ARBOR.


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