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ÁN INVITATIOK It Gives TJs Fleasure to Tubllsh the following Auuounceuient. All women suffering from any form of illness peculiar to their sex are requested to communieate promptly with Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass. All letters are re s ceived, opened, read and an x(i? swered by women only. A woman can fegaft freely talk of f 'bi s illness toa í __ t i , ( i woman ; $Mah SSL-sDeen estabdJBpfi í ' üshed the wsF I .M dence be I iÉ fcweèn Mrs. f 'Hü Pinkham I , 'i; 'í "'L and the I V I Wf women of ssyl I i$3? America. í( 'líx êl ïhis coni iv ) lí d$r fidencehasinYí - yf dueed morethan L1 fe? 100,000 women to VajSv write Mrs. Pinkham for advice during the last few months. Think what a volume of experience she has to draw from ! No physician living ever treated so many cases of female ills, and from this vast experience surely it is more than possible she has gained the very knowledge that will help your case. She is glad to have you write or cali upon her. You will find her a woman full of sympathy, with a great desire to assist those who are sick. If her medicine is not what you need, she will frankly teil you so, and there are nine chances out of ten that she will teil you exactly what to do for relief. She asks nothing in return except your good will, and her advice has relieved thousands. Surely, any ailing woman, rich. or poor, is very foolish if she does not take advantage of this generous offer of assistance. Never in the history of medicine has the demand for one particular remedy for female diseases equalled that attained by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and never in the history of Mrs. Pinkham's wonderful Compound has the demand for it been so great as it is to-day.


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