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Turning The Tables

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a oertaiu np town Clevelander is the happy possessor of a marital interest in a very pretty and accornplished lady. She is fond of uico elothes and always looks well dressed, and ber husband is Jnst as proud of her as ho should be. But froiu a technical point of view he knows nothing whatever abont her garments, and it bothers him greatly wheu she assumes that he does. She flres broadsides of questions at him whenever she is dressing to accompany him. "George, how does rny skirt hang?" "Is it too loug in front?" "Does iny belt cover the pins?" "Do you think this gown is becomiug?" "Is my collar down at the back?" "Are there any WTinkles in this waist?" "Is my hat on straight?" These and a hundred other interrogations are fired at hiin at short intervals. If he doesn't pay close attention she geta cross. So he pretonds to listen oarefnlly, and answers glibly, although ai wars at random. The other d;;y a neat way of getting even dawned ... a him. When he was dressing that night L t ; party, he suddenly caiicd his wifefrom the ari joiniug room. "Alma," he Raid, "do yon thinb these new tronsers hang just as grucefnlly is they showldf" "Why, George," she said. "I dcn't know anythiug a bout it, Why do yon bother me?" "Hold on," Baicl Gor(ie, "I wfs woudering if tbis shirt bosom sita quite right?" "Of eocrse it do.ns, " snapped Alma. "And these shoes - do yon teaHy think they aro becomiug to my complexión':" "What i silly question. " "And - hold on, Alma - isn't the coat a little long in the tails - on oue side, I mean - and can't you pin it up?" "Why, George, I never heard you talk such nonsense. You haveu't been drinking, have vou?" "And - jnst wait a minute, Alma." He qnickly raised his silk hat from the dresser and clapped it od the back ol his head. "Now, dear, please pay attention. Is my hat on straight?" Then she undèrstood his wicked littlc game. They walked together in silence until they carne within sight of their destination, and the deeply wounded Alma tnranaged to stammer: "Well, George, you mean oíd thiiig, is my hat really and trnly on straight?"


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