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The single tax men wil! shortly place n ...

The single tax men wil! shortly place n ... image
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The single tax men wil! shortly place n nornination a fall state ticket in the tate of Delaware. Hou. Henry Waldron and J. W. Wing, silver republicans, made ringing speeohes before the Democratie representativo convention. They dernonstrated in olear and unmistakable language that tbe republican party has gone wrong on the finaucial question in this year of '96. The gold bng organs still persist in ciroulating the statement that wages have iucreased under a gold standard. The wages of college professors and salaried officials have increased, trat the wages of men who sell their labor in competition with other labor of the saine class in the open maiket, bas not increased, and no sophistry can malte it 'so appear. Tbe true method of estimating wages does not consist in averaging a few isolated exatnples of well paid employees, bnt in dividiug the aggregate sum paid for labor annually by the nnmber of laborers multiplied by the number of working days. Try that metbod oDce. And wben yon have made the calculatiou compare the present condition of the great maas of working farmers and small business proprietors, wbose profits are their wages, with theii conditioa tweuty years ago Here's a sample of the couscienceïess misrepresentatiou of the Free Press: "Do the advocates of the free and nulimited ooinage of silver when they aie denouncing the wurld in general and the United States in particular for ceasing to nse silver in 1873 realize that the worlcf has coined more silver since that year than was in existence at that time and twice as rnucb silver as it has gold? Such is the f act." Truth is conspicuons by its absence in that paragraph. The report of the director of the United States mint tells us that there is in use in the world as rnoney about $4,000,000,000 worth of silver. We have coined since 1873, according to the same authority, $421,776,408 of silver, just abont 10 per cent of the stock in use. Nor have we coined twice as muoh silver as gold. A consultation of the sanie report reveáis the f act that our mints tyave turned out in bright, shinning gold coins since 1873 nearly one billion dollars or more than twice as much gold as silver coin. These items may be easily verified. This is only a sample of the Free Press' argnments in its campaign of educaron.


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