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WANTED, FOR SALE, ETC. BUGGY AND HARNESS FOR SALE-Will be sold cheap. Enquire of W. H. Olaney, No. 3Lawrencest., Ann Arbor. 35-88 APPLES FOR SALE- A large erop oí choice winter apples on the farm of the late James C. Allen two miles northof the city, on the Whitmore Lake road. Apply there or address Mrs. F. E. Allen. Box 1334. Ann Arbor, Mich. 36-38 riiEACHER of mandolín, banjo and auitar, 1 Hattie Loug, 69 Miller Ave, HORSE WANTED- At 28 N. State street, Ann Arbor. Mustbeyoung, sound and cheap. Weight about 1,200 pounds. Cali soon. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE-Three farms, one close tb Ann Arbor. 85 acres, flrst class' buildings, another in Lima, 1ÜU acres well timbered and scood buildinss, and the thircl in Lodi, 40 acres, siood ampie buildings. Cali on or address ïïm, Osius, Box 1551 Ann Arbor, Mich. PIANO TüNING.- A. D. Brown, the well known piano tuner with C. J.Whitney, will be in the city soon. Orders left at the Argus office will J908A9 his attention. FRUIT FARM FOR SALE.- Of five and onethird acres, inside the city limits, on Chubb st., in a good state of cultivation. Good house and barn. two good wells and cistern. Applv to Mrs. William Canwell, on the premSis. " 38tf Sale of Sewer Bonds. LATERAL SEWER DISTRICT NO. 5. Sealed bids ior ten thousand eisht hundred eight and WU dollturs of bonds ot' the City of Ano Arbor, Slich., will be received by Glen V. Mills, Citv Clerk of said city, on or before Monday, October 19, A. ü. 1896, at 5 p. m. (local time). These bonds aro to be sold to defray the expense and to enable the (Jity of Ann Arbor to construct a lateral sewer in Lateral Sewer Dist riet Ño. 5, and are aulhorized by a special act of the Legislature of the State of Slichigan entitled "An act to authorize and empower and enable the City of Ann Arbor to construct and maintain a system of sewers and to raise the necessary money thercfor," approved by the Governor of the State of Michigan May 21, 1893, also by virtue of au ordinance entitled '-An Ordinance Relative to Sewers, Etc.," duly passsd by the Common Council of said eii y May 21, 1KW, and approved May 23, 1894. The above mentioned bonds ■will draw interest from August ', !S9'i, at percent per annum payable at the office of the City Treasurer of the City of Anu Arbor. The principal will mature In four equal annual installmen.ts and ave payable on or before the Brst day of Mareh of oach y'ear. The bonds are to be issued in denomination of Ï5ÜU each except the necessary fractioual paii of $50Udue Pachyear. The bonds will not be sold for less than face value and accrued interest. The right to reject any or all bids is reserved by the City of Ann Arbor. By order of the ronimon CounelL GLEN V. MILLS, City Clerk. DEALER IN paney Qoodp AND L;ssons given in all kinds o Xeedlework. Stamping and Embroidering done to order. MAIY MÍLEY 20 E. Washington St, ANN ARBOR, - MICHIGAN.


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