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j ; For a i ; I ! Few Day s j j I [ We will sell . . . Ladies' and Chiídren's ! ] ; Untrimmed Hats For 10c, 25c and 50c ! ! worth froin 50c tip to ! ! ! 3.00. ' ! About 40 dozen to select trom, UU'S MIUIRÏ, 1 1 Pnut Block, 62 South Main St. I I . UUíofBugs! ís guaranteed to destroy Carpet Bugs, Ants, Roaches, Bed Bugs, etc. It costs 25c for a large bottle. We have also Corrosive Sublímate, Insect Powder, Oil of Cedar, Oil of Lavender, Oil of Sassafras, Carbolic Acid, Copperas, Chloride of Lime, and many other preparations used for the destruction of all kinds of insects and disèase cruis, which are so prevalent at this time of year. 1 1 Mn 15 51E 17 E. Washington St., Corner Foiirth Ave. y tí.'NwUBIR, Attokney at Law. Does a groneral lawcollectionand oonveyanc rn bufcinps-'. A tioilerate share of your patr?ng" tvspoctful'.y olloited. Ulltoe 16 E Hu ron Street, n pst a tra OEDEH YOTiRCOAL OF lL. STAEBLEE. ■ Ómoi: UW. Washington st.. 'PhoneNo.8 H Yards: M. C. R. ft., 'Phone N'o. 51. ma WantMoney? ora Home? Wan Work? oru Farm? Want to opta ■'' 8 store in u growlng town? Want __.__ to raise live stock? Want to know liow to buy improvud farms in a frtE well settled retrion without payI UU IngcVih? Particular and publicatlous sent free by F. I. WHIT - - - NF.V.St. Paul. Minn.


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