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Unity Club will enter this fall upou its tweutieth year of aotivity. In all its history it has never been more sucoessful thau duriog the last few years, and the officers have been hard at work for some time arranging a course of lectures which sball still further increase its iufluence as an important factor iu the iutellectul life of Anu Arbor. A complete aunouucement oaunot be made at present, but the general scope of the oourse may be indicated. It is probable that Eev. Dr. E. L. Besford, of Colmnbus, Ohio, will open the conrse. Mr. Rexford was formerly of Detroit and was generally recognized as oue of the most brilliaut speakers in the state. Rev. W. VV. Fenn, of Chicago, has also been seoured for a lecture upou Tennyson's "Idylls of the King. " Perhaps the most interestiug group of evenings will be thtee or four devoted to lectures by Rev. J. T. Sunderland upon his recent extended visit in India, aüd by Mrs. Sunderland upon Egypt, Palestine, Greece or Italy, all spleudidly ilustrated with stereopticon views. Mru. Walker, whose delightnl evening before the club last year was so greatly enjoyed, will prepare a similar entertainment this year. A lecture by Jüdge Harrimau on "Goldsmith and his Friends, " will be a literary treat iu which everyoue will be interested. Then Rev. Ida C. Hultin, of Moliue, 111., oue of the most eloquent of the women lecturers of the West, will appear on the conrse in a subject yet to be annouuced. Dr. Hinsdale, dean of the homeopathie school, bas also promised to give a lecture before the club. Another important eveuing will be one supplied by Miss Avery, ef Detroit, an art critic of considerable prominence, who will give an illustrated lecture on some art subject. Iu"addition, a lecture is expected froru Rev. George Batchelor, of Boston, secretary of the Amerioan ünitarian Associatiou. The final list as decided upou for the season, will cousist of twelvQ evenings. Tickets for the course at the usual price will be on sale iu a few days.


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