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Pleaso PAY SÜBSCRIPTIONS NOW. Henry Keedle, of 34 Wall st, has been granted an increase of pension. In the circuit conrt Wednesday morning Levi McOarty was granted a divorce from Sarah MoCarty. The Ann Arbor Atbeiter Verein will celébrate its 30th anniversary at Germania ball, Monday evening Nov. 2. The Ann Arbor Electric Co. does not expect to have to make auy chauges in its power huuse to accoinmodate the increase of power needed to run the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti electrio street railway cars. Vito Pizzi, W. E. Stevenson and Herbert Allen were admitted to citizenship Saturday, and Albert Cbyennen, Otto Chyènnen and Henry Hochreiu were taken into the great American fold Monday. The Hurd-Holmes Co., who recently puïchased the business forruerly carried on by Miss K. J. Rogers at 27 Detroit st., make their bow to the Argus readers in this issue. Their advertisement appears on tbe eighth page. The whole outside of the Masonic block is being painted white., which will rnake a great change in the appearance of that well known structure. Thrsecoats of paint will be given by Oscar O. Sorg, who bas the contraot. E. W. Staebler is a candidate before the members of the Michigan división of the Ii. A. W., for represen tative to the national convention. Four representatives are elected in this state and the vote is taken by mail, froin Oct. 15 to Nov. 15. John Baurngardner was in Cleveland, O., three days last week looking after the stone for the sidewalks around the Masonio block. He says that a noticeable thiDg in that section was that the business men were all for gold, but the workingmen were for silver. Arthnr Sweet bas the contract for diilling and binding the rails on the new electric railway between Ann Arbor and ïpsilanti. He has ' a new drill of his own invention with which he can penétrate a iail in 40 seconds on an average. There are 6,000 holes to drill and 3,000 bands to make. The entertainment given by Leotta, at the Presbytorian ohurch, Monday evjning, under the auspices of the Young Women's Christian Association, was a most charrning pne and the young woruen netted a nice little snm from the proceeds. Her posing aud elocutionary numbers were enjoyed by all. A short time ago the safe in Wm. Goodyear & Co. 's dry goods store was unable to be opened one morning and an expert had to be employed to get it opeu. The look was so darnaged in the operation that it became useless and they have pnc in a fine new safe, made by the Detroit Safe Works, to take its place. Three more divorce cases were cornmenced in the circuit court last week. They were those of Mary A. Dovall vs. Anthony F. Duvall, desertion; D. Cramer, attorney. Levi McCarty vs. Sarah J. McCarty, Arthnr Brown, attorney. Bridget Warner vs. Oei J. Warner, cruelty; M. J. Cavanaugh, attorney. t Karl Kollwehr, aged 66, died Sunday evening of dropsy, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. August Winter, 94 Seventh street. The funeral services were held Tuesday at the house, Eev. John Neuinann offlciating and the remains were buried in the Fifth ward oemetery. His wife and four daugbters survive him. "Harmony" for July and August, a niuuthly theistic journal of liberal thought puhlisbed at Girgaum, Bornbay, India, aud edited by B. B. Nagarker, oontains an article on "The regenerution of India" from the pen of Rev. J. T. Sunderland, of this city. There is also an exoellent half tone portrait of Mr. Sunderland as a suplement to the number.