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A weisrht líes heavy on my soul No itam oí hope or clieer Ís niidi; Oh, tell me, ye wbq tliinvs eoutrol Am 1 iu love, or is ít pie? Please PAY SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW. The Ligtat Iufantry are talking of jnakiug ooe of i(s series of dancing parties a masquerade. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Granger -will give their annnal Tbanksgiving afternoon dancing party, Thursday, Nov. 26. Tbere have been only two deaths in Arbor Hive, No. 113, L O. T. M., in the five years it has been organized. ADOther great attraction at the Grand opera house next Wednesday evening. Richard Mansfield, the greatest American oharacter actor. Charles F. Stabler has just completed a very satisfactory job of inside and outside paintiug and decorating on the Sigma Phi house, 32 N. Ingalla st. The Ann Arbor Musió Co. is giving a free concert in its reoital room one afternoon each week. The program is furnished by sorne of our best local talent. The 36th annnal convention of the Miohigan State Sunday School Associatiou will be held at alamazoo, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next, Nov. 17, 18 and 19. Dr. John Randolph Rogers, of Grand Rapids, well known in Ann Arbor, is to be married next Wednesday evening, in St. Paul's church, Jackson, to Mis? Grace Heyser, of that city. The Hudson city council has unanimously voted to bny three of the Abbott voting machines, which were used so successfully at the election last week, one for each ward in the city John Hanlin feil from the roof of a building at 56 N. Main st., Mouday morning, and broke his left arm at the elbow joint and above the wrist. Drs. Wessinger and Belser attended to his injuries. JMrs. Charity Benedict has entered snit against her husband George W. Benedict for a decree of divorce al leging extreme cruelty and divers other causes as the grouDds on which il should be granted her. G. W. TurnBull, of Chel8ea, Is her attorney. Rev. J. M. B. Sill, formerly of this city, uow minister to the Corea, has sent home to the state Normal sohool a colleotion of valuable natural history specimens, atnong whioh are two leopard skins, a large one and a small one, the skeleton of a leopard and a Corean badger skin. Please PAY SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW. The reserve fuud of the Independent Order of Foresters is now $1,891,101.31. Thursday, Nov. 26, has been designated by President Cleveland as the national Thanksgiving Day. Ann Arbor Typograpbical Union has established an out-of-work fund, to which eaoh member contributes weekiy. The next faculty concert of the University Sohool of Musio will oconr December 8. Facnlty concerts are also set for Jauuary 14 and February 11. Kead the liberal subscription offer for the Akgus, also for the Argus and Michigan Farmer together, which appears at the head of these columns. The Hobart Guild gave a reception to students of the unversity and high sohool, who are merubers of St. Andrews' churcb, in Harris hall, last Saturday evening. The midwinter circus of the Ann Arbor Light Infantry will be held Jan. 12 to 14. The coramittee of arrangements is Capt. Boss Granger, Sergt. Dean Seabolt and Corp. Fred Hun toon. Mr. Edward L. Schnmaoher, of this city, was married Wednesday of last week, to Miss Tillie Dettling, of Freedom, at St. Franois' churoh, in that town. Rev. Mr. Heidenrich performed the ceremouy. There is a state law that says no person shall lawfully trap quail at any time in the year except in the fall, and then ouly for the purpose of keeping them over winter to prevent them perishing by oold. They must be liberated in the spring. A comioal feature of the election took place Friday night, when Martin P. Vogel wbeeled Hugh Johnson around the ooi vt honse square in a . A yelling crowd of men and boys su im. tended the job and had a big time o.,i of it. Some one l)as figured this ont. By a simple rule the length of the day and nighf-, any time of the year may be ascertained by simply doabling the time of the sun's rising, which will give the length of the night, and doubling the time of the setting whioh will give the length of the day. The Michigan Central has arranged a weather forecast system at all of its stations in Michiagn. A weather bulletin has been put up ontside of the telegraph office near the door. Wenther forecast cards will be displayed at noon each day. These predictions are for the 24 hours following. Of the 75 applicants for registered pharmacists' and assistant's certificates at the examination held in Lansing last week, 13 were registered as pharmacists and three as assistants. Among those who leceived pharmacists' certificates were C. W. Johnson and Philip Schaufner, of Ann Arbor. A. Li. Wolfe, of Detroit, was prosecuted under the transient traders" ordinauce Saturday and taken before Justice Gibson. He paid a small fine aud costs after pleading gnilty to bis infraction of the ordinance. His offense was otïering cloaks for sale at the Cook house at mauufacturers' prices. Fleming Busenbark, a well known farmer of Ann Arbor town, died at bis home Nov. 4, of heart disease, agerf 58 years, 5 months and 4 days. The funeral services, which were held at Lelaad church, Saturday afternoon, were atteuded by a large nnmber of his old neighbors and friends, to whom his sudden and nnexp9oted death had been a great surprise. A. H. Holmes' team of grey borses took a long rnn Friday night. Their driver left tberu standing in front of Paltner's drug store on S. State st., while he siepped inside to use the telephoue. Sorne boys came along blowing iorns just tben aud the next time the driver saw his hnrses it was after they ïad been out in York towoship, where hey were found at 4 o'elock Saturday ruorning, trotting easily along. Mrs. E. B. Ratbbone, of Ann Arbor, has loaned the Art Museum a small colection of Qreek and Konian objects :hat were fonnd in various tombs io southern Italy and at Pompen. These, rogetber with a few pieces that the maseum possessed, will be put in a case and properiy arranged for exhibition. It is believed tbat these will form the nuoleus for a muoh larger oollectiou in the future that will. be both instructive aud iuteresting. - Detroit Journal. The cruel newspapers are publishing the borrid story that a sweet girl gradúate in a neigbboring town read an essay on physiology, in which sbe said, "The human body is divided into three parts - the bead.tbe chest acid the stumruiok. The head contains the eyes and the brains, if any. The chest contains the lungs and a pifice of liver. The stummick is devoted to the bowels,of wihoh there is five - a, e, i, o, u and sometimes w and y. " - La Monre Cbronicie. The most stubborn oases of neuralgia are apt to yield to a hot water treatment. Wherever the pain is located there a hot water bag should be applied, the sanering part should be wrapped in a blanket, and the nufortunate patiënt should be put to bed anc covered with more blankets and induced to drink at least three oups of water as hot as the palate can stand. This treattnent may seem severe, bnt it is sure to bring relief. The cbainleBs bicycle idea is cansing much comment among the makers and riders. It is eaid, on good authority that at least four of the large makers will put sach wheels on the market next season. One inventor in the eas is working on an idea which he tbinks will revolutionize bicyole manufacture While the inventor believes in the chainless wheel, he is working on one in which he wishes to avoid the beveled gear, and he thinks that he has discov ered a way to do it. Please PAY SUBSCBIPTIONS NÜW. The circuit coi rt has been adjourned nntil Monday, Nov. 23. Glen V. Mills will publish a new diectory of A nu Arbor and Ypsilanti to be out by Jan. 1, 189?. Fraternity Lodge No. 262, F. & A. M.; will work the third degree this evening at Masonio temple. The box social of the CM. B. A., Cuesday eveniug, was a very pleasant affair and was well attended. The high school uow bas a mandolín club of whioh S. A. Corbusier is leader and Dan Zhnroerman manager. Eead the liberal subscription offer f or the Argus, also for tlie Argus and Michigan Farmer together, vhich appears at the liead oL these columns. Mifs Nellie E. Morgau, formerly :rimmer for Hendriok, the milliner, is o be uiarried at Howell, on Thauksgiving day, to Mr. William F. King, of ;hat city. Glen V. Mills has got his directory of Shiawassee comity from the printers bis week, and already has them in circulation. The series of directories pubished by Mr. Mills is the baudsomest gotten out by auy directory publisher. Col. Brauk B. Lyon, of Calumet, of he Fifth regiment, M. N. G., has been appointed brigadier-general of the state roops to sncceed Gen. Hawley, wbose ;erm expired yesterday. Lient. -Col. J. Í. Bennett, of Muskdfeon, will probably ucceed Col. Lyou, J. A. Fraser, of Detroit, is about to open a cigar store and manufactory at 92 E. Aun st., the store just vacated 3y the republicau headquarters. He vill make a specialty of rnanufacturing 'Cable Tows," a stogie cigar, whicb ie will sell for $1 a box. Porf. W. B. Hinsdale, dean of tbe lomeopathic departmeut of the uuiversity. deliv6red the third lecture in the Jnity Club series, on Monday evening, at the Uuitariau church, to au audience of about 15Ü people. His subject was 'Some primitiva inventions." The opening number of tne Choral Jnion series of cuncerts Tuesday eveuïng by Thomas' Chicago Orchestra was t delight to every lover of fine music. The weather was rainy and disagrtea)le, but a large audieuce was present u University hall to bear the popular nograui rendered by these f amous muscians. Wuj. F. Bird, of Ann Arbor town, disoovered a sujall blaze in his kitcben Thursday nigbt of last week, wheu be ;ot up to attend to the wants of a sick daugbter. The fire caught from an old !ashioued fire place, but did not gain ïeadway enougb to do mnch damage, owing to Mr. Bird's fortúnate discovery of it. At a meeting of the board of direc;ora of the Washtenaw Mutual Fire In-urauce Co., held Nov. 5, the claim of Richard E. Kellogg, of PittsfieUl, whose barus and conteats were burned Oei. 13, was adjusted at $1,121. 90 j All the meinbers who had not paid up their assessments were suspended until they shall do so. An order from the post office department at Washington prohibits the use of such notices as "plqase send out" or "please post up" beiug placed on tbe wrappers of third class mail matter. Such notices will subject tbe matter to flrst olass rates. Tbe words "personal" or "to be called for" aie deemed a part of the address and are permissible. Tbe Wornau's Auxiliary of the Young Men's Christiau Association held its annual meeting Monday afternoon in the assooiation rooms, and elected Mrs. VV. W. SVetmore president, Mrs. William Goodyear secretary, and Mrs. W. B. Phillips treasurer. The vice presidents from each ohurch will be appointed at the next regular meeting. Miss May Fohey, of 19 Kingsley st., had a narrow escape from serious if not fatal injury Saturday night. She and her siater-in-law, Mrs. Michael Fohey, of Owosso, were to sleep in a folding bed. Just as she was getticg into tbe treacherous machine, the heavy oak top came down on ber, striking her on the head and shoulders, iujuring her quite severely. It was a narrow escape from death. Adam A. Meuth, the well known Detroit st. butcher, became greatly annoyed Tuesday morning at the continued blowing of a whistle on the steam engine at the carpet cleaning works near his shop. He finally went into the works and asked the proprietors to have the annoyance stopped. One word led to another until the discussion was a pretty warm one and E. J. Stilson, one of the proprietors, picking up a heavy chair struck Mr. Meuth on tbe shoulder, dislocating it badly. Dr. H. J. Pearson was called in and he reduced the dislocation, whioh beyond the pain it causes is not a serious injury. A warrant was 8worn out by Henry Meuth, charging Stilson with assault and battery on his father, and the examination will be held in Justice Pond's court next Monday.