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Real Estate Transfers

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Agatha Weitbreobt to Frederick G Sohleicber, Ann Arbnr, $660. Charles E. Osman to Charles E. Col lins, Dexter, $3,450. Augustus L. Webster, trustee, to Era ma ,T. Orr, Ann Arbor, $1. Arthur Brown and wife to Rosa C. Ward, Anu Arbor, $1. James N. Wallace and wife to Home Security Life Assooiation, Ypsilanti, 400. James P. Bycraft and wife to Rosina Yonngs, Delhi Mills, $300. Sarah J. Sbowers to James H. Godfrey, Ypsilauti, $1. Mary A. Dwyer to Mary E. Smith, Ypsilanti, $1,000. Mary E. Smith to Glen C. Lawrence, aud wife, Ypsilanti, $2,500. Wrn. Whaley, by circuit court commissiner, to Frederiok Schmid, York, $1,501,83 Miohael J. Graham and wife to Edward Doody, Lyndon, $1,800. Lucy W. L. Morgan, by administrator, to Gottlob and Einanuel Luick, land contract, $3,200. Win. Patfcersou to J. P. Fryer, Ypsilauti, $300. James N. Newton and Sarah Newton, Ypsilanti, $100. Reeve Chipman to Emma L. Loomis, Ann Arbor, $1. John and Irene M. Nollar to James M. Dnncan, Salem, $1. Lucy Palmer to Mary A. Palmer, York, $1,000. Oisborn Case and wife to Electa Sanford, York, $20 John Kajuska and wife to Charles Kajuska, Ann Arbor, $1. Clara C. King to Almira A. Scott, belsea, $1.