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Victim Of Many Accidents

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The SaliiiH Ooserver haa the following acoonut of the serions aucideut to George Eat.on, ou the Morgan farm, jnst si'tith of t e villaje, Friday, Nnv. 1Í), mention of which was ruarle in these columns last week: "The Eatou hrofhers have au engine, and A. F. Clark a cora shrerlder and tbey had cotnbiued the two and were shreddiug covu at Holly's. Gao. Eatou the yonnger of the two boys was leediug the machine, when a stalk be:auie j tangled at the foot of the coucave aud Eaton, wbn is left banded, roached to pull it out and while doing so another I stalk dropped acroi-s his wrist aud at the same time was oaught by the j der which cauuht the little fiuger of his glpve and drew in the vvhole hand. Eatnn, as snon as he was cnaht, threw ' himself onto the tahle as far m was ' possible to avoid being dra%vu farther ; into the machine. The brotuer, Clareuoe, wbo was at the pngiuo, bearri bis brother cal] aud seeiug he was :;iught, reversed the engine and stiirted it backwards which loosfd the achiu .- victim frcin his awtnl sitnatiou. He was at once brought o the office of Dr Sheeder, and upon examination it was tound that the hand to the wrist joint, was ouly acompUte mass of mangled mucI torn flesh aud bone Dr. Darliug, of ! Ann Arbor. was telpphoiierl for aml the putient takpii to th home of K H. Crespy. wüflre bitter a&omodaton could be bad, and the arm ampntated abont síx i ches below the elhow. "111 luck peems tn b the fatp of this i boy. iJnriug tbe past teu years he has had a leg and collar bone broken, shot throngh the hand, chnek partially kicked ofi by a horse and one arm nearly out off by a circular saw, aud the 12th of nest rnouth he was to take a positiou as firemau ou the Central railroad. The posjtion is one that be had been workiug for a little more than two years. ' '


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