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Quartermastor General James H. Kidd of the M. N. G. has flled bis biannial report, ooveriug the period from July 1, 1894, to June 30, 1896. Gen. Kidd eulogizes the late Quarterinaster General, George M. Dovlin and says that his death is uniformly regretted aiiiong the wilitia ruen of the state. A short review of his work for the gnard is given. Iu comiaanting ou the progress made by the state troop, the quartermaster general says that when he entered office iu July, 1895, tbere was little to do, as the work of the state eucampment had almost been coinpleted. He oarried out the work of his predeoessor. At the beginoing of the present year the quarterrnastar general reoommeuded the purohase of eqnipments for iustautaueoua field duty for 2,500 men, at au estimated cost of $41,430, but the military board did not deern it expedieut to do so. Gen. Kidd says the defioiency ia overooats and blouses has been partially made np siuce he rusde that recommendation,by requisition on the Uuited States, but be subinits that the followiug orainauce aud quartermaster's stores sbonld be supplied: 1,000 Spring field rifles, cal. 45; 2,500 service oartridgo belts; 3,000 meat rat ion ouus, kuives, forks, tin plates and tin onps; 3,000 shelter teüts aud poles; 3,000 rnbber blaukets; 800 haversacks and canteens; 4f flled rauges. As the fond for military support is barely sufficient to pay the running espeuses and the aunual encampmeut, the report suggests that the eucaiupmeut be dispensed witfa for oue year aud the uaoney tbus saved be used to properly equip the brigade. He does not favor the Krag-Jorgensen rifle. The Springfleld is uot yet superseded, aud its use should be contiuued autil further tests have demoustrated the rtiliability of tüe other and advisability of a chauge. The arma, accoutrements aud clothing uow iu use are in good, servieeable coudition. Gen. Kidd says he knows so little about the naval brigade that he does not feel competent to disoüss it. He thioks, however, that it is a valuable addition to the state troops. It takes the place of artillery corps. The expense of the state encampment of 1894 was $48,946.20, aud of the encampmeut of 1895, 147,424.11. While haudioapped somewhat by lack of equipmeut, Gen. Kidd fluds the guards of the state in prime couditiou.


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