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n No kitchen is kept cleaner than the premises devoted to the f ■ manufacture of NONE SUCH Minee Meat. No % wife can be more fastidious in the matter of preparing food sL than we are in the selection and preparation of the materials of )k ■E which it is made. The cleaning of the currants (for one thing) ! i1" is more thoroughly done by means of perfected appliances, y than it would be possible to do it by hand. ñ lts cleanliness, purity, wholesomeness and deliciousness 1% are good reasons for using NONE SUCH Minee Meat. j$ The best reason is itssaving- of time, of hard work, of E money ." A ten cent package affords you two large pies, ( out trouble to you beyond the making of the crust. Makes Q just as good fruit cake and fruit pudding as it does minee iY pie. Sold everywhere. Be sure and get the genuine. W A Send your name and address, aod mentlon thls paper, and we wlll mail ynu freeabook- fst MS "Mra. PopklnB'Thanksglviug"- by oneof the most famuus humorouiíuultiorBOf tUeiiuy. tiL MERRELL-SOULE CO., SYRACUSE, N-Y. %


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