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The relebrated political acrobat, WiJlia...

The relebrated political acrobat, WiJlia... image
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The relebrated political acrobat, WiJliam Q. Thompson, Mayor Pingree's own political enemy, is said to have a cinch on the Detroit collectorship. It is now rumured that Teddy Roosevelt, New York's redoubtable pólice oommissioner, is slated for secretary of the navy. Well, Teddy is a fighter. It is a sad fact that there are about 1,000 unclaimed bodies at the New York morgue every year. The morgue keeper has just beeu arreated for illegally eelling the bodies. Fonr and a half inches of snow made good sleighing in New York City, Monday morning. Herein Ann Arbor we are still waiting for snow as well as for the advance agent of prosperity. President Cleveland's message is looked forward to with great interest. He will undoubtedly have something to say and will say it well. There raay also be 6ome new phrases thrown in to enrich the literature of the country. Pingree is sarfoastio. He says he has "ïiot received auy congratnlatory telegrams from the different railroads or from the managers, " but presumes "the reason is that they have sent their thanks by freight, and yon know that it takes a long time to get them here in that way. " The ordinary reader is greatly puzzled over the Cuban situation. Acording to the dispatches both sides are winning innumerable victories. The war is made up of victories withont a defeat on either side. And yet the situation remains about tbe same. A dim suspicion mnst; be aroused that the Spaniards and the Cubans are both like certain prize fighters who do most of their flghting on paper. Tbere is considerable agitation concerning good roads and it wonld be well to start snoh an agitation right here in Ann Arbor. Our streets have been a disgrace to the oity. About the only decent street is Detroit street, recently maoadamized at considerable expense. The other streets have either been covered with deep mud or deep ruts. A few years ago afcer a heavy raiufall the streets would be dry in a few honrs. JNow deep mud covers tbem for days. Two things have contributed to this ohange. There is now more heavy teaming ou the etreets which cuts tbem np more and also there bas been a very poor qnaJity of gravel put upon them. The gravel recently used simply makes 80 rnuoh more mud. Compare the Saline gravel road with onr city streets, if yon wish to see the difference between good gravel and poor. It is a seless expenditare of money to draw poor gravel upon the oity streets.


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